Meet Our New BASS TABS Website!

Hi friend. Hope you’re doing well and still playing BASS. There’s great news!

We’ve launched a new website And it does what it says: hosts bass tabs. Mostly metal and where bass is fun.

The library’s small yet, but it will be growing. And guess which band is prevailing – that’s right, Metallica! Now it’s time to finally complete transcribing their entire discogprahy that we had started in the far year of 2015.

Our old tablatures will be gradually moving over the new place, and they are to be revised and improved, including the Total Cliff ones. So yeah, yet another Orion and Ktulu tabs are coming, the perfection quest never ends XD

The tabs are compeletely free, no password is needed. Just pick the song available, click download – and you’re ready to jam. Also, some of the tabs have supportive videos, where I myself perform the parts (at times even too enthusiastically, but hope you’re ok with that).

Check out the tabs here And if there’s any matter, feel free to get in touch (desirably, via the website contact form).

Enjoy playing,





Metallica I Disappear BASS TAB

Felt like playing this underrated gem: Metallica I Disappear. And turned out, it has a pretty rad bass line and performance, as one would expect from Jason Newsted, which was his final studio recording with Metallica. Videos and bass tabs are below.


Metallica The Prince BASS TAB FREE DOWNLOAD (Cliff Burton version)

Most know Metallica The Prince, a Diamond Head cover, in a version recorded during And Justice for All sessions with Jason Newsted. The tracks then went as the bonus track of the album and then landed on the second disc of Garage Inc. Turns out, that wasn’t the only version.

Friends of Ukraine

Belgium helping Ukrainian refugees!

Pol from Belgium expresses his support of Ukraine, and shows their readiness to accept Ukrainian refugees. Thank you, Pol and Belgium! ???? #StandWithUkraine

Russian invasion of Ukraine report

Message to Russian soldiers from a disabled Russian boy

This is the very boy from the bombshelter photos. He askes Russian soldiers NOT to “save” him, and explains why. English translation is below the video.

Please share it with backlink to this website. Thanks. #StandWithUkraine #StopRussia

Russian soldier! My name is Yaroslav, I’m 15. I’m a Russian citizen living in Ukraine [Lviv].

I’m an ordinary school student here, but in Russia they told I’m ineducable due my wheelchair; I can make friends here, but in Russia I can’t do it without inclusive infrastructure, I was basically locked up at home for days; even this good wheelchair I got free from Ukraine, not Russia.

Russian soldier! Stop fighting! Lay down your arms and go home to your wife, to your kids, to your mom.

Russian invasion of Ukraine report

Ukrainian children in a bombshelter (video and photo)

Children in a bombshelter during the first night air alert in Lviv, Ukraine, 2 a.m. 03/01/22. Taken by Andriy Vasylenko. Share it with a backlink to the website.