NEW TAB AVAILABLE: Top 20 Metallica riffs NOT by James Hetfield

Hey friends! How many Metallica riffs do you know that aren’t Hetfields? I gathered 20 of such riffs in today’s video, written by Kirk Hammett, Cliff Burton, Jason Newsted, Robert Trujillo, Dave Mustaine… and even Lars Ulrich! I hope you like this content format. Watch video and download free tabs below (the password is here). If you want to support me, here’s a few options! See ya \m/

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4 most OVERDONE Metallica songs

Metallica is known as a band that makes long songs, and sometimes too much. More riffs, more variations of the riffs, more sections and composition twists. Of course, there’re some exceptions (like Motorbreath). But the tendency to overdo songs (in terms of duration, sound, overall saturation) is a thing for which we might either love of hate Metallica. So, here’s my top 4 Metallica songs (imho) overdone one way or another.

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