OECK – New Breed of Extremely Secure VPN

I’m a big user of VPNs. Most of them are the same, and what they offer is pretty limited. And how about unlocking all the major streaming services in one click, regardless your location, with the fastest speed, securest privacy? Meet OECK.

It’s a very simple and powerful VPN with unique features that nobody else provides. Such as SmartRouting. You just pick the closest location, and OECK does the rest: unlocks the latest shows from all around the world – including over 30 (!) regions of Netflix – and with the highest speed possible.

And here’s the icing on the oecake. You may share your OECK VPN account with anyone: spouse, parents, kids, friends, pets, etc. Up to a 100 customized profiles, and for up to 6 different devices. So that your dear people could watch the naughty stuff they like.

Plus OECK owns all the hardware, so your privacy cannot be compromised.

Try it with a 3-day free trial, no payment details needed, by following this link. And specially for my friends: a 15% discount on a yearly subscription with a coupon “huy” \m/

Rare Facts About EVERY Metallica Song (#10 MetalliGeek Podcast)

Hey there! We’ve completed the first ten of MetalliGeek Podcast. And the anniversary episode is special. Things you might not have known about every Metallica song from main studio albums, 107 in total. You can check it out below, as well as other episodes of MetalliGeek.

The podcast has proven to be a thing. You liked it, which is the most important measure. Now it’s finally being submitted to iTunes, but most of action will keep happening on Youtube. So join us there, friends! \m/

Rammstein New Album FREE BASS TABS

Hey! Rammstein have released their 7th (and it might be the last) album. And there’s some great bass there! I’ve made bass tab for songs I liked the most, Hallomann and Tattoo, other are in progress. Check out tab videos and download tabs for free using our secret password (get it here) following the links below (here’s all Rammstein bass tabs). Enjoy playing, friends \m/

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Metalica Songs Ranked WORST to BEST

Hey! Here are the survey results mentioned in the video “Metallica Songs Ranked WORST to BEST“. Some of them were pretty surprising, particularly how relatively low “Nothing Else Matters” and Enter Sandman were ranked, while they are the most played ones on Apple Music (“f*ck what’s popular” attitude?)) And my all time favorite song Purify “The Unforgiven” didn’t even make it to top 10!

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Anesthesia Pulling Teeth: FULL lesson with TABS

Hey friends! I know a lot of you’ve been waiting for Anesthesia lesson part 3 for a long time. Well, I hope this video is what you wanted) It contains the entire solo explained how to play, with tabs and some extra thoughts regarding it. Free bass tablature is available via the link below. I wish you happy holidays. Enjoy playing!

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