Russian invasion of Ukraine report

Message to Russian soldiers from a disabled Russian boy

This is the very boy from the bombshelter photos. He askes Russian soldiers NOT to “save” him, and explains why. English translation is below the video.

Please share it with backlink to this website. Thanks. #StandWithUkraine #StopRussia

Russian soldier! My name is Yaroslav, I’m 15. I’m a Russian citizen living in Ukraine [Lviv].

I’m an ordinary school student here, but in Russia they told I’m ineducable due my wheelchair; I can make friends here, but in Russia I can’t do it without inclusive infrastructure, I was basically locked up at home for days; even this good wheelchair I got free from Ukraine, not Russia.

Russian soldier! Stop fighting! Lay down your arms and go home to your wife, to your kids, to your mom.

2 replies on “Message to Russian soldiers from a disabled Russian boy”

Did you see my question in your latest video ?
Trying to understand.
The cap your wearing – is that a symbol for nazi movements in Ukraine ?
My name in comments is “Hvolgaard display of power”

Hi Kim. If a thing has red and black colors, with some sign on it, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s nazi. I actually explained it and in a video “Why my Ukrainian flag hangs wrong”. And yeah, I might make a separate video on the cap alone, because some still confuse it with nazi or whatever, which was the result of Soviet, and now Russian propaganda. Cheers!
Edit: For a moment I recalled the nazi had a more brownish color instead of bright red, but they used both. But my points are still valid.

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