Dear visitor,

War and terror came to my homeland, Ukraine. Russians have been dreaming of subdued Ukrainians for centuries, and now they try to simpy wipe us out completely. But we are and will be resisting, so that our kids could live in a free civilised country.

Now all my efforts go to help Ukraine in the struggle, including gathering money to equip Ukrainian army. Unfortunately, the scale of the invasion is so huge, government can’t take care of everyone and everything. That’s where volunteers enter, and we are part of the movement.

We with Metal Pilgrim created our own foundation STEEL WINGS. It specialises in getting critical equipment to the soldiers who fight in the hottest parts of the front. Drones and thermal vision in particular.

Now a substantial share of my income goes to the fund, same for Metal Pilgrim. We try to earn and find extra buck elsewhere – but it’s never enough! We have to reject a lot of requests, which means not saved lived of Ukrainian defenders and civilians.

So, please check the foundation’s site and donate any sum you can afford. It will help fight our home back, and our childeren won’t hear daily air alarms anymore.

Thank you for support!