About Andriy

Андрій Василенко Andriy Vasylenko bass guitar music(this is the old version of About, for you to see Andriy’s life before Feb 24, 2022. New version below it)

Andriy Vasylenko is a musician and blogger from Ukraine, host of MetalliGeek, and founder of Bulavira band. His main Youtube channel has gathered over 100k followers and 40 million views, mostly by videos related to bass and metal. Now Andriy’s focus is MetalliGeek (podcast and show), creative collaborations (as a bassist), original music (metal and acoustic), bass/guitar covers.

Married, has a step-son and a daughter. Other interests include science and sports. Tries to learn English.

(new About, post-Feb 24, 2022)

Russian invasion separated me from my family. They are in Germany now, I am in Lviv. Russians roll tanks across Ukraine and kill my compatriots, including children. Russians refuse to acknowledge we’re a peaceful tolerant nation, that it’s our land, our lives. And so we fight. #StandWithUkraine