Metallica The Prince BASS TAB FREE DOWNLOAD (Cliff Burton version)

Most know Metallica The Prince, a Diamond Head cover, in a version recorded during And Justice for All sessions with Jason Newsted. The tracks then went as the bonus track of the album and then landed on the second disc of Garage Inc. Turns out, that wasn’t the only version.

And a few years ago Metallica fans were thrilled to have learned that Cliff Burton did bass for The Prince too! That occurred as they were making Master of Puppets. The track wasn’t finished, lacking vocals and solos, so it was shelved and has resurfaced only recently, for the album’s big reissue with tons of rare stuff (you can purchase it here on Amazon).

But most importantly – the bass is there, loud and blasting. Cliff gave the cover so much of his own character, so it’s one of the coolest bass tracks he ever laid on tape. What a gem discovered after over three decades.

Check out Metallica the Prince bass isolated below. Yes, that’s the original bass of Cliff Burton, The mix was raw, so there’s a lot of bass and so it could be boosted and so you can hear pretty much 90% of the notes played. Cliff being Cliff did crazy variations all the time.

And since nobody has made proper bass tabs for this version of The Prince, here am I fixing that!

Download Metallica The Prince bass tabs w/ Cliff Burton on this page. Extra notes to assist you are included. if you have any questions, contact me.

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Enjoy playing and stay updated for new tabs and stuff (yes, I’m back to the business) \m/

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