Who is Andriy Vasylenko (small questionnaire)

Here’s a small questionnaire about who I am. Hope you’ll find it interesting and maybe useful for you =)

Name – Andriy Vasylenko [and`riy vasy`lenko] (call me Andrew / Andrés / Andrzej, if you want)

Born – July 14, 1992 (when ‘Countdown To Extinction’ of Megadeth was released)

Location – Poltava, Ukraine (average town with great history, two music stores, no metal)

Favorite bands – Metallica, Megadeth, Five Finger Death Punch, Rammstein, Machine Head, Nightwish, Volbeat, Manowar, Ariya (greatest Russian metal band)

Favorite bassists – Robert Trujillo (he shifted me, back to 2010), Cliff Burton (you know it, no comments), Joey DeMayo, Billy Sheehan, Dave Ellefson, Jason Newsted

In music since – 2010 (and long-haired also)

First time heard Metallica – at age 8 (my brother got a ‘Best Ballads’ cassette)

Other activities – teaching geography, doing sports, hanging out, pushing out of limits, having nap

Favorite quotes – ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’, ‘What if I fail? – And what else to do in life?’, ‘To get something more you should become something more’

Songwriting inspiration – feelings, strength, disagreement, patriotism, life shit

Things I’m proud the most – moving on, doing my work no matter what

Things I appreciate the most – gratitude, justice, honesty, being a good example, work, perseverance, trust, sanity

Dreams – you see them becoming true