Andriy Vasylenko: from music to Ukraine war reports


I’m Andriy Vasylenko – a musician, English-speaking blogger, father, Ukrainian. I was born and have lived all my life in Ukraine. (Here’s more about me, for you to see what I used to be and do)

Due to Russia’s invasion, I’m shutting down my music-related activities in order to direct all my skills and media resources to help my Motherland. Indefinitely. At least until Ukraine and the whole supporting it World (which is most of it) are victorious.

What will I do? Primarily posting daily Ukraine reports in English on my main Youtube channel (which was about music until the war). Sharing anything that I feel would help the World understand the current situation, spirit, and only verified news. Also posting photos, which you may use providing a backlink to my site.

Video schedule – daily, no defined hours. Urgent updates, aid links, etc. go to my Instagram, Twitter, and the channel’s community tab. Please follow everywhere, to make sure nothing’s missed.

Currently I’m based in Lviv, Western Ukraine, with a phone and a laptop as my weapons. My wife and two kids have been evacuated to Germany. Remembering their tears through the bus window when departing without me is what fuels my motivation the most.

The war is absurd, and the lunatic Russian government with brainwashed Russians are to blame, this has been made crystal clear over these days. I don’t have any illusions about Russia anymore. Ukrainians are a peaceful nation. But when our land and families are threatened, we fight til the end. Now you see it.

Share awareness and support Ukraine in all possible ways. Here’s how YOU can help Ukraine now.


Andriy Vasylenko