Total Cliff book archive

Hi friend. Total Cliff was a project where we explored the legacy of Cliff Burton, back when there was no focused source about his music, playing style, and gear. We did our best to collect and systematize that, first as a series of bass covers and tabs, and then – as a book. Some info has become outdated (such as a few nuances in the tabs and effects), but the main body of work is still relevant.

The materials used to be available for a symbolic $1 on Patreon, now you can download it directly below.

Thank you, everyone who helped make Total Cliff and who supported it. Let it serve as a slice of Metallica Internet lore of 2014-2018. And I hope someone picks up where we left it and continues digging. Download all below. R.I.P. Cliff.

Total Cliff book: TOTAL CLIFF the legacy of Cliff Burton (ENG)

Total Cliff book (English, Spanish, Portuguese) in zip-archive: Total Cliff book (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

Extras (old tabs, uncompressed images etc) in zip-archive: Total Cliff extras

Or download all from Dropbox.

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