What instrument’s playing in Orion intro, after all?

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Well, I hoped Flemming Rasmussen would answer this, but he couldn’t remember (here’s the interview). So, we’re left with what we knew or supposed before, and my conclusions are still valid.

In short: even though there’s some kind of a synth playing in Orion “rough mix”, the album version does sound a lot different. I believe, Cliff wouldn’t miss such an opportunity to reach another dimesion in his bass sound, so he recorded the intro on bass. Exact effects and settings he went for remain unknown, though (uoi see my take on it in the book).

Why then is there an electric organ in the rough mix? Cliff TESTED it. The composition was still in progress to an extent, and about 10% of its nuances were held to be put during the process of recording, right in the studio.

Anyway, watch the video below to learn here’s what I believe Cliff played in the intro (the tabs are here, password is av14):

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