Farewell, Total Cliff (Patron-only)

Hi there! This is the final edition of Total Cliff brochure. I couldn’t add anything significant to it over the last year (just read this interview and you’ll get the situation), so let’s let it go. From now on, once I discover or create something new about Cliff Burton, it’s going to published separately.

In this post, I attached the book in English / Spanish / Portuguese, bass tabs (plus newer versions), included a 30% discount on all my merch and links to extra materials that didn’t make it to the book. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

The work is shared here as my “thank you” to those who decided to support me financially. The most generous and loyal patrons are mentioned in “Words of gratitude”.

Thanks to everyone for the journey! I’m open to your questions and ideas, so feel free to contact me. Stay updated, because I keep creating. See you next time, on the way to another discovery 😉

Book itself (English, Spanish, Portuguese) + tabs DOWNLOAD

Extra materials (HQ images from the book, etc) DOWNLOAD

Unreleased chapters:

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