Chromatic Dreams. Night One (FREE TABS and COMMENTARY)

Hey friends!

Do you have an idea or a project that’s been in your mind for years, but you never get to making it real? Things have changed around you, and you might’ve become a different person over the time. But the idea is still hovering in the air, it has endured and overlasted many other ideas you’ve had. This album is such thing of mine.

“Chromatic Dreams” comprises 24 tunes in 24 keys that I write since 2012. I took a minimalistic approach to the recording: no double track, no mastering, no polishing. I belive, it makes the music more genuine (and easier to produce for a lone-gun like me, of course).

Finishing all the 24 at once would be too exhausting, so the album’s broken down into four EPs. This is part (“night”) one out of four, with six instrumental tunes in different tonalities, for beginner and intermediate guitarists. The remainder pieces are coming, so stay updated!

The word “étude” of French origin and means “study”. This is a vast concept (google it), but the sense I put into a “Chromatic Dreams” etude is: a relatively short tune with some educational charge. By “educational charge” I mean a playing technique or a skill (or a combo) that the composition is supposed to help a guitarist improve.

The difficulty of the etudes were slightly ahead of my own playing abilities, so by practicing them, I’ve become more confident with the guitar. I hope, these pieces will improve your guitar playing too. Or at least, you’ll have ave fun playing them.

Download free tabs below. More information (including a funny story about how my recording session almost ended up with calling the police) is in the extended booklet, available on Bandcamp and Patreon as a bonus (plus the tabs in gpx and gp5).


The album is also on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and other online stores and streaming services.

Thanks for your support. I really motivates me to record more original music. Enjoy listening and playing! 😉