Can you change the course of a sports game not leaving your couch?

How many times has this happened to you: you are watching your favorite team lose, and you suffer from not being able to help them. Because, well, you are in the couch and the only thing you could undertake is grabbing another beer or a soda.

But what if by opening the can you are already influencing the game? Seriously.

There’s a phenomena called “the butterfly effect”: when a small action starts a domino chain which leads to a drastic change in the end. A more poetic, classic way to explain this effect is that the wing flap of a butterfly somewhere in Antarctica may cause a tornado somewhere on the Moon.

Thus, popping soda could also bring enough disturbance into the Universe, so the team you’re rooting for wouldn’t lose… but instead get destroyed.

Yes, the butterfly effect is utterly unpredictable, since there are too many events happening within the chain, each launching another chain, which still doesn’t help you when you want to go pee, but the game isn’t over yet.

Anyway, there’s still a chance that your boys could go to victory. How does it work and how could a change pass from the couch to the sports field?

It doesn’t happen immediately: the chain needs some time, up to several years, to make the way from a pendulum of change (you) to a destination point (the sports field). And it doesn’t roll at the same rate due to the heterogeneity of the universe. It consists of plenty of smaller systems, or zones, where actions circulate independently to a certain degree.

Though, there are zones so isolated and unreachable, almost impossible to penetrate by your pendulum, because they are too secure, too distant, too potent, or because it’s your crush.

It’s quite possible that you’ve already made your team lose or lose, without being aware. Here’s one of many feasible scenarios:

You drink a drink, throw the empty can in the toilet, which breaks sewerage, your mommy’s upset, your daddy’s upset a bit more, so you go to the dentist, on the way to the cabinet you trip over your own shoelaces ‘cause you still don’t know how to tie them properly, that is seen by the sports team passing by, one guy laughs at you hard, but instant karma strikes and he chokes to semi-death, he’s out for the next game being one of the key players, so he gets replaced by a young talent who scores, making the team the champions of the block, and since the scoring dude is your classmate, your crush chooses him, and now you’re lord of the friendzone.

You got the point, but it’s still not the case you clicked for: right from the couch, one hand holding a drink, another hand scratching…

Thanks to modern technology, everything is possible. All you need is: two mobile phones, a laser pointer, and a friend who’s crazy enough to risk his arse in the name of your team. Send your friend to the match and tell him wait for a cue. When the time is right, message him to blind the opponent’s goalkeeper with the laser until he’s disoriented and misses a goal. And then tell the police you see the guy for the first time.

I hope you understand, you must not do what I’ve just said because that’s illegal and wrong in every possible way, right? And… Do disclaimers work after a controversial tip is given?

The more isolated a zone is, the longer it takes for the domino effect to break into it. But the point is that everything in this world is interconnected, and it’s just a matter of time until all the treads are tweaked by a small change that originates in your bedroom.

If a player blinks, it may affect the way he acts in the very next moment, his body position might shift a bit, and thus he may or may not receive the ball and pass it further or hit the target. And very soon, perhaps, in the span of less than a minute, the picture of the game is completely transformed.

Even though the odds are bigger that the stronger team will win, there’s always a place for a surprise or some luck to occur in everything. Everything but your sex life.