AN INTRODUCTION TO BASS: free e-book about learning bass guitar

an introduction to bass free e-book learning bass guitarHey friend! Here you can familiarize with my very first e-book about learning bass guitar. This is “An Introduction To Bass” – an excerpt from my 5-year experience in bass playing. My vision, your judgement.

I’ve never had a teacher and never graduated from music school. I am a garage player, like you may be. But I always desired to bring my knowledge, got from trials and errors, to people who need it.

I believe, I have one talent. It’s my mindset. All goes from it, music achievements as well. Training brain is so crucial. That’s why I could do it without a mentor and went to pedagogical university.

This is my first, rough try. I keep on practicing, becoming more skilled and experienced. So the book would be reissued a lot of times, and I ask you to join me in improving “An Introduction To Bass”. English is not my native language, but I did my best.

Whom is the book for?
Any bass player who wants to grow, especially beginner and somebody lost his way.

What is the book about?
All stuff you need to start and keep on playing bass (check out content here)

How could I contribute to this book?
Linguistic suggestions, own thoughts and propositions, reasonable critics, graphics, quotes, sharing, recommending – anything to make next issue of book better.

How to get “An Introduction To Bass”?
It’s easy. Just join our AVanguard, get a “Welcome” message with password, and get the book. FOR FREE! Download of the book is available below, click a button:

Download 'An Introduction To Bass' 1.0

Here’s the password (only AVanguard members can see it): [newsletter_lock]av14[/newsletter_lock]

Wait for your comments, suggestions, and contributions. Thank you for being a part of it! \m/

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