Hi friend!

Music is my life. Now it’s the only income to sustain my family – wife and step-son (and a daughter soon!). Videos, tabs, tips – all of that I do for free.

So, if you want to support me financially, you have a couple of options to do that:

– become my Patron on

– buy my original music in online stores (iTunes, Google PlayAmazon, Bandcamp in particular!)

– get my merchandise

– affiliate shopping

1 dollar… It might be not a big sum for you. But if all my followers did that, I could pay all bills, buy new equipment, and even travel around the World to meet and greet you personally!

Even if you don’t have extra money, you can keep watching my videos, listening to music, and spreading a word about a guy by the name of Andriy Vasylenko=)

Thanks for staying here. Hope to see you one day. Be in metal \m/