Megadeth “Dystopia” new album | review by Andriy Vasylenko

Megadeth Dystopia (review of new album 2016)

Dystopia, Megadeth… I don’t review albums so often, only ones which hooked me or I couldn’t avoid them. This is the case: no matter what my favorite bands release, I need to express my opinion about that. Megadeth and Metallica are in the list, and while Lars/James/Kirk/Rob are working on their first LP in 8 years, Dave and company please us by 15th album of Megadeth. Let’s see what’s going on there, in “Dystopia”. Just my opinion after 3 listenings of the album.

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Metallica in 2 minutes – Wherever I May Roam (guitar & bass lesson)

Good news! Me and my friend Serj Morozov have made our first guitar / bass lesson “Metallica in 2 minutes”. It’s “Wherever May Roam”. We’re making brief tutorials about riffs only, it’s enough to get a song. So check it out, subscribe to Synergy Art Machine channel, and expect new Metallica lessons fro us! I hope, all guys who asked me to play some Jason Newsted`s stuff will be content) Thank you for inspiration and support! \m/
P.S. I reveal a secret: we also plan to shoot “Sad But True” and “Fuel” videos. For a start)

Andriy Vasylenko: Total Cliff, cat, and stuff (retrospect 2015 & prospect 2016)

Hi friends! This is my first video in 2016, little late, so thanks for expecting \m/ Quality is far from perfection, but we have what we have) In this video I talk about stuff done in 2015 and some plans for 2016. You’ll know about idea of Total Cliff, and more. Happy winter holidays my comrades! I appreciate your support and feedback! \m/

My book I mentioned in video
Joining AVanguard

P.S. “The Call of Ktulu” review with tab is almost done. Holidays, you know=)


Andriy Vasylenko learning bass guitar

Keep on learning bass! As I promised, here’s more stuff from “An Introduction To Bass” (read previous article “Functions: what is the bass for?” here). This is the largest section, and my favorite one. Check out an intro and a piece from it – “Rhythm / dynamics“. I am a graduated pedagogue, so I like to analyse, classify, and teach. The chapter shows it pretty good))

Don’t forget that I’m not a native English speaker. I’m always open to your corrections and suggestions via email 🙂 So, here we go!

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