NEW TABS AVAILABLE: Megadeth guitar riffs played on bass

Hi friends! Here’s another great collab with Denis Pauna. Now we play Megadeth with switched guitar and bass parts! Follow the link below to download tabs of all the bass riffs I played there, available in PDF and GP5. If you are new here, get our secret password to unlock content locked (it’s free, fast, and safe). Enjoy playing 😉

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Megadeth “Dystopia” new album | review by Andriy Vasylenko

Dystopia, Megadeth… I don’t review albums so often, only ones which hooked me or I couldn’t avoid them. This is the case: no matter what my favorite bands release, I need to express my opinion about that. Megadeth and Metallica are in the list, and while Lars/James/Kirk/Rob are working on their first LP in 8 years, Dave and company please us by 15th album of Megadeth. Let’s see what’s going on there, in “Dystopia”. Just my opinion after 3 listenings of the album.

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Melodic thrash metal: does it exist?

“Melodic” – this term has become a trend in modern rock music. Someone is annoyed by that, someone doesn’t care. Yes, there is melodic death metal, which everybody accepts. And how about other genres? Closer to the point: are there the melodic thrash metal bands? Does melodic thrash metal exist at all?