#4 Metallica – The Thing That Should Not be (bass cover | bass tab)

metallica the thing that should not be bass cover bass tabs

for a note  – I’m going to remake this review and tabs, bass tuning f*cked up (down 1 step actually=)

We have reached 4th review of Cliff Burton’s legacy. Now it’s one of the darkest songs of Metallica – “The Thing That Should Not be” – bass analysis with bass tab (you can find gpt+pdf in the end of article).

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#1 Metallica – No Remorse (bass review with tab)

Total Cliff project

Here we go! You are reading my very first article of “TOTAL CLIFF” series – complete review of legacy of original Metallica bass player Cliff Burton – bass genius, who`s gone too early, but leave so big mark. I feel a need to share my experience with you, that Cliff never had a chance to do.

I start with “No Remorse” from “Kill’ Em All” album. You may count it as bass lesson, bass cover with tabs, or whatever. So, bass line of Cliff Burton from “No Remorse”, Metallica – let’s go!

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Bass solo: Nightwish melodies part 2 (+bass tab) / by Andriy Vasylenko

Watch the Nightwish bass tab here. Tempos are approximate, few moments either (hammer-ons, slides etc). Believe, you`ll get the thing=)

Bass solo Nightwish melodies part 2

Bass solo Nightwish melodies part 2

00:02 I Want My Tears Back
00:09 Nemo
00:25 For The Heart I Once Had
00:42 Dead Boy’s Poem
00:58 Wish I Had An Angel
01:10 Come Cover Me

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