#17 Metallica – Master of Puppets (bass review with tab)

Metallica Master of Puppets (bass cover + tab bass line of Cliff Burton) Andriy Vasylenko

Hey friend! Welcome to Total Cliff – the biggest fan tribute to Cliff Burton. We’ve recently celebrated anniversary of ‘Master of Puppets‘ – one of the most outstanding metal albums of all time. And probably one of your favorite. Today we’re reviewing title track from the album. So here’s my vision of ‘Master of Puppets’ bass. Tab to download – in the end of the article and in respective category. But the way, so turns out that I’m publishing ‘Master’ before ‘Sanitarium’, sorry for violating the Total Cliff order=)

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Cliff Burton & Jason Newsted: a little bass journey to classic Metallica

Today Cliff Burton could be 54. I’ve prepared a special video – a bried review of Metallica’s bass of classic period. Cliff Burton and Jason Newsted – both great, both unique. It’s not a duel, not who’s better – Cliff or Jason. Both wrote different bass lines and performed them differently. How did they do that? So I tried to show 20 years of Metallica in 5-minute video. You know all the songs, if not – ask in comments. Hope you like it friends \m/ Happy Birthday Cliff and rest in peace \m/

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Megadeth “Dystopia” new album | review by Andriy Vasylenko

Megadeth Dystopia (review of new album 2016)

Dystopia, Megadeth… I don’t review albums so often, only ones which hooked me or I couldn’t avoid them. This is the case: no matter what my favorite bands release, I need to express my opinion about that. Megadeth and Metallica are in the list, and while Lars/James/Kirk/Rob are working on their first LP in 8 years, Dave and company please us by 15th album of Megadeth. Let’s see what’s going on there, in “Dystopia”. Just my opinion after 3 listenings of the album.

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Metallica in 2 minutes – Wherever I May Roam (guitar & bass lesson)

Good news! Me and my friend Serj Morozov have made our first guitar / bass lesson “Metallica in 2 minutes”. It’s “Wherever May Roam”. We’re making brief tutorials about riffs only, it’s enough to get a song. So check it out, subscribe to Synergy Art Machine channel, and expect new Metallica lessons fro us! I hope, all guys who asked me to play some Jason Newsted`s stuff will be content) Thank you for inspiration and support! \m/
P.S. I reveal a secret: we also plan to shoot “Sad But True” and “Fuel” videos. For a start)

Andriy Vasylenko: Total Cliff, cat, and stuff (retrospect 2015 & prospect 2016)

Hi friends! This is my first video in 2016, little late, so thanks for expecting \m/ Quality is far from perfection, but we have what we have) In this video I talk about stuff done in 2015 and some plans for 2016. You’ll know about idea of Total Cliff, and more. Happy winter holidays my comrades! I appreciate your support and feedback! \m/

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P.S. “The Call of Ktulu” review with tab is almost done. Holidays, you know=)

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