Get an ACCURATE BASS TAB of your choice!

I remember the excitement when I got Guitar Pro 5 in 2010. Spent a whole night exploring it and tabbing my first demos. A few years later, a friend of mine called me ‘song-to-tab converter’)) It’s an never-ending process: with every new tab, the skill improves.

Over the years, I’ve made several hundreds transcriptions, and a lot of them were Metallica (download them here). And now I want to utilize the experience and help you to learn your favorite songs!

For a reasonable price, you can order a song or a riff, and you receive its bass tablature (gpx, gp5, pdf) in the following 2-3 days, as accurate as it possible. Plus, as a free bonus, I could give you some tips on how to learn or play that. I do it immediately, no delay, and do my best.

$10 – a single riff or section (often guys need just an awesome intro or solo)

$20 – a whole song (2-5 minutes long)

$40 – a complex song (over 5 minutes or very complicated)

Special offer! You can order tab of a full Metallica song for the price of one riff ($10).

Download a free example of how I approach transcribing —> For Whom The Bell Tolls (pdf)

There might be other gifts and discounts and from me, that’ll become clear after you emailing me.

Send your order(s) on the business email here  and I’ll respond during the day.

See you, friend! \m/

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