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  1. Hey, ur playing is amazing, i really enjoy it. Ive got one question, did u tabbed ur Orion cover? I found it on youtube, u wrote comment that you will tab it but i didnt found it anywhere

    1. Thanks, man! Yes, I`ll do tab, but I have kind of queue of goals. “Orion” supposed to be my 7th “Total Cliff” video, so it will be posted in 3 weeks. If the tabs be done sooner, I`ll send they to your e-mail. Check my uploads and your mailbox \m/

      1. Hi Andriy ; I have tried 2 different emails 6 different times , and have not received the link to the password .

    2. Hey, man! What exactly can’t you get in Orion? I want to do it as accurately as possible.

  2. Hey man,I love your bass sound and playing style! I don’t know if you’ve heard of Primus or not, and I know it’s a very different style of playing, but have you ever considered playing any of their stuff too? Also just out of curiosity, do you play any other instruments? Thanks!

    1. Hi \m/ Thank you! I do know about Primus, but my slap sucks))) There’s a lot of cool funky guys in Youtube (like Davie or Sviedov). I like metal fingerstyle and distortion sound, so I have some priorities and walk my way. I’m so glad to find people who share it with me! About other instruments: acoustic guitar (pretty good in finger playing), electric guitar (now try to learn picking to play riffs), keys (a little bit). Also I sing. That’s it for this moment, but whole life ahead)

  3. Hey man, I have a question…..

    I play bass since 4 months, I started playing with pick but I want to learn how to play with fingers…. have you any tips to get fast fingers or is it just a practice thing?

  4. HI! First of all, congratulations for your work! I’m trying to subscribe and download the pdf and gtp files, but I never get the email of confirmation no matter how many times I try. How can we fix it?


    Hugs from Brazil.

    (And Sorry my bad english http://andriyvasylenko.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_bye.gif )

    1. Hey bro! Thanks for writting me. This problem could be solved by using another email or device. Please let me know whether it worked or not. Cheers from Ukraine! \m/
      P.S. I’m not a native English speaker, so that’s ok ))

  5. bro ‘re great your work is excellent and I want to congratulate you for such a good job

  6. Hi there Andriy

    I just saw your cover of Orion today, and its so fucking amazing how smooth you play this! Really good man!
    Can you tell me what bass you use? Looks super sexy!

    Cheerio Vegard

  7. Hey bro, your videos are amazing! i want to download a tabs but i never get the email, i need this tabs! pls help me, Thanks for the videos!

  8. Hi, congratulations for your work and for your technique (I play bass too xD)
    I’m a great fan of Marco Hietala (Nightwish/Tarot) so I ask you if you can make some bass cover of Nightwish songs, it would be great to see you playing Marco’s bass lines ^-^

    1. Thank you!) Actually I haven’t tried to learn this piece. Kind of left-hand tapping or legato. I’ll make a lesson on this live version of Anesthesia. And meanwhile you could try to learn it by yourself – it’s goo for ears. Cheers \m/

  9. Hiya,

    Really impressed with your dedication, could you check the gpx/gp5 download link for my friend of misery please, i think you’ve placed a download link for pdf x2. Thanks


  10. Hi!
    I would like to ask you what chords did you use in your beautiful song called Silent Echo. I’m beginner guitarist and i can’t recognize these chords by ear. Thanks a lot for your hard work on legacy of Cliff and the other awesome stuff. Cheers. http://andriyvasylenko.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

    1. Hi) Do you need chords or whole tab for the song? If chords, here they are: Em – C – G – Am6 (intro), Em – C – D – B7 – C – G – A6 (verse), Em – D7 – G – B7 (chorus), Bm – A – D (next riff), Em – A – G (next next riff). It’s hard to outline the song textually… I’ll make tabs for you and send them on your e-mail

  11. Hi,
    I think I found a mistake in the Hit the lights tab. There’s a ‘Dal Segno al coda’ missing. I think you wanted to write it down because of the ‘Coda’ written down before outro, but you maybe forgot it. Otherwise it would be too short.

  12. Hey Andriy today I was dream Cliff Burton in day of the green but Cliff was play Whit your bass guitar very strange. And I was in public. This dream was fantastic.

  13. ANDRIY. You are really brilliant teacher. But PLEACE what time you want show in you tube to play ORION on mobile bass guitar no matter iPhone or Android. I was try and is not hard. But is very interesting. Thanks and have a nice day.

  14. Greetings!

    A beginner bass player here! I bought a bass guitar (Harley Benton WB-20BK) just a few days ago and I consider it to be one of the best things that I bought in my life! I’m going to buy some more apparel for it (an amplifier and speakers, a case and a strap), but I’ll most probably do it next month (I’m a university student and have insufficient funds right now).

    I tried my luck with a classical guitar before but I concluded that it’s not an instrument for me (I prefer the sound of a bass guitar over the classical one and its more rhythmical play). I always wanted to learn how to play a guitar but I wasn’t sure about what kind of a guitar I’d like to play. I’m a big fan of rock, metal and instrumental music, and ultimately, it was Metallica’s “To Live is to Die” (which is my all time favorite instrumental ever), Your’s cover of it and the story of Cliff Burton that pushed me to buy a bass.

    I’ve watched most of your Metallica covers, several videos and even read your bass introductory book – all of which gave me a lot of entertainment, knowledge and insight. I have several hobbies already: writing (both prose and lyric – I’m about to release a chapbook with my poetry), video game development (from easy scripting changes, texturing, sound editting and 3d modelling to C++ programming – I’m a one man development studio), travelling (I moved across half of Europe by bus and almost through the entirety of my country), all kinds of creative shenanigangs, learning languages (I’m studying English and Russian Philologies at a University and Swedish in my spare time), and watching the sky by night, but I’m sure that I’ll find time and place for a new passion – the bass guitar.

    It is true that I have a goal in learning how to play a bass guitar. Several, in fact: satisfaction and enjoyment from playing an instrument (I always wanted to be proficient at playing one!), recording soundtracks for my games (which partially extends to the next goal) and playing with my friends and colleagues that play other instruments.

    Anyways, I’m really thankful for all the materials and videos that you have released!

    With Best Regards,

    1. Hi Snehk,

      Thanks for the kind words! I am glad that my materials help you in your bass journey. Funny that now I’m interested in learning acoustic and classical guitar more))) It’s all music, just in different collors and shapes. Once I have some spare money, I’ll buy an acoustic bass, which could be some kind of a compromise between my two main instruments.

      Anyway, I hope you’re having a nice day.

      Enjoy playing!


      1. Greetings!

        It’s been a few months. I can fairly say that I have improved a lot on my bass journey. I’m composing bass lines for many different genres though me prefference goes from rock, through metal to melodic, instrumental solos! The guitar is a part of my life now and I’m playing on a daily basis. Right now I’m working with several friends on: a black metal album, in a rock band, and on my own solo project: an atmospheric black metal album.

        I’m handling classical guitar much better now than in the past, and I have also considered buying an accoustic bass.

        Once again, thank you for all your materials, I’m definitely going to check out your new video!

        A bit late – Merry Christmas, and a bit too fast: Happy New Year!

        With Best Regards,

          1. Greetings to you my friend! Happy new year and so on!

            While I’m far away from being as good as Cliff or you, I try hardest!

            Thank you for hours of entertainment and energy you put into my wings!

            I’m going to credit you in all of my songs till the death of mine! You’re a bass good incarnate for me!

            If you wish to improve your English spelling, do not hesitate to cobract me by email – I’ll send you all materials and exercises from English studies you wish!

          2. Hey! Thanks for the kind words)) If you ever need a songwriting tip, contact me. Idk if these comments are a good way to do that tho. Anyway, I am glad to inspire you)) Greetings!

          3. I’m much better at spelling when sober! And I’m always more than happy to help!

  15. HEY ANDRIY PLEACE check in you tube Metallica Anesthesia pulling teeth LIVE EAU CLAIRE, WI 5 29 86 Cliff bass solo is amazing

    1. AND Also live the Hammersmith oden London UK 21.09,1986,Full Cliff solo PLEACE ANDRIY CHECK THIS

      1. Or check the chanel metsdc4
        THIS Chanel includes all possible concerts of the metallica and tell me if you see this comment

  16. Hi Andriy, just wanted to say how much i appreciate your work. It is so inspiring to see you making your own songs. If you can could you make a video hoe exactly you make your own songs with cubase, adding drums in songs and stuff like that, it would be grrat to see that because there is no that much musicians who do that to be seen on youtube.

    Thanks and keep up with great work!

    1. Greetings, Mark! Thanks for the kind words. I do plan make videos about songwriting, we’ll see, maybe I’ll cover the topics you mentioned. Regarding drums, in short, I create them as tabs in GuitarPro, then export in midi, import the midi file on an Addictive Drums in Cubase (don’t forget to set “Genetal Midi” or “GM” there), and then make the drum part more live by making some beats slightly off abd adding dynamics.

  17. Hey Andriy, I watch every new video you release, i really appreciate your hard work, your videos are great and entertaining, I’m one of your first subscribers so trust me if i say i wached all of them (almost all of them) lol. I really like how far you go to make sure the information you put in your videos are accurate, I’m a life long metallica fan, and i enjoy your musical information about them. i went to 2 of their concerts, i got 2 James Hetfield guitar picks.

    I used to watch this Japanese anime when i was a child, i love the soundtrack and i wish if you could make a guitar tab for it. It brings a lot of nice memories and i wish if i could play it on guitar. With your help i might finally do that. You make a lot of tabs and you made couple of videos talking about making tabs and i can feel your struggle.

    Here is the youtube link opening soundtrack: https://youtu.be/blu_i2VysHw


    If you search “Taiyo no shisha” on YouTube, click on the first video on the list titled: “Tetsujin 28 gou 1980 op full engsub+vietsub”
    That’s the one

    Thank you for your hard work andriy!

    1. Hey, my friend. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your following and dedication. I’d love to help, but I’m constantly busy trying to finish first-priority projects and tabs for patrons. Anyway, maybe you want a tip on transcribing or whatelse that’d be helpful?

  18. Hey Andriy! I discovered that the intro to “Cyanide” was Kirk”s and Lars” idea to play “SOS” in Morse code (on guitar and drums).
    Another thing that i discovered is that if you skip to the minute 3:25 while listening to “The Unforgiven” isolated vocals you can hear the exact same anvil that’s used in “For whom the bell tolls” intro.
    Informations taken from other guys from other videos comments.

    1. Hey. Yeah, I learned thay from the comments too)) Anyway, thanks for reminding me! I’m going to use these facts in an upcoming video, btw

  19. hello from maryland, usa (15 minute drive from washington dc).

    am wanting to do the Blackened intro harmony on guitar Forward. if i use the bass tabs for guitar will it be correct harmony sound or is there other guitar tab for this ?

    1. Hey! The notes work for borh abss and guitar. So, you could play them on the guitar in suitable positions, transposed an octave higher when needed.

  20. Hey Andriy
    This may seem weird but since I know you have newer attended a Metallica concert I will offer you a ticket. For free!
    The issue is that it will require you to come to Denmark on July 11th…
    Get back to me if it’s possible

  21. Hey Andriy ! Thank you very much for your videos and what you do for metal 😀

    I wanted to join the club so I can get the tabs password but I get an error message when I try to join :'(
    Can you please check what’s happening ?!

    Thanks a lot and keep in beeing in metal !! \m/

  22. Hi Andriy

    What do you think about the theory that Metallica guys(James, Lars, Kirk and others) have nothing to do with writing Metallica songs which were indeed penned by Michael Kamen who was the secret musical mastermind behind the most successful heavy-metal band in the world?


    I wanna know your opinion. 

    As for me, I do believe this version because it sheds the light on many dark pages of Metallica’s history:

    1) First and foremost: why Metallica’s first album “Kill’em all” sounds like an average shit of that time(even shittier than the Slayer’s “Show No Mercy” for example), but the second, third and the fourth albums sound way-way-way better and much more talented? What happened to the band between “Kill’em all” and “Ride the Lightning”? People say it’s Cliff’s influence, but they dont explain why there were no Cliff’s influence on “Kill’em all” or even when Cliff found time to write all those songs if he was touring, drinking and partying all the time as well as the other bandmates. Why did Cliff give away the authorship of his songs to James, Lars, Kirk? Was it kind of charity or something?Good questions also are:Why are there no photos of “Ride the Lightning”, “Master” and “AJFA” studio sessions? Why the band recorded these masterpieces in Denmark but not in the US? Going to Denmark and back, living in hotels were not a cheap thing for an unknown band playing in small bars.

    2) Secondly, why the band moved to San Francisco? It makes no sense since L.A. is the world’s music industry center. Only NYC can be compared to it. Many of the world’s major record-labels have their central offices located in L.A. It’s much easier to get to the attention of labels and to sign a record contract in L.A. than in San Francisco. Thousands of musicians and artists move to L.A. to gain success. Ye, there are some bands from SF who made their way to success from SF(e.g. Faith No More) but they were born and raised in SF – not intentionally moving there. Besides, there are much more successive LA- than SF-bands.Metallica’s moving to San Francisco makes sense only because the band’s composer Michael Kamen lived and worked there.

    3) Why Jason Newsted(hated by all the bandmates of Metallica) stayed in the band for straight 13 years? How is that possible that everybody hates Jason though he never got fired but quit the band himself? Remember what happened to Dave Mustaine? It can only be explained by the assumption that bassist-outcast Jason Newsted had very good relations with the real Metallica’s boss so he could care less what Metallica’s employees(James, Lars, Kirk) think.

    4) Why Metallica has problems with producing new material since “Black Album”? In the 80’s there were no such long delays between the albums?

    Thanks Andriy for your attention. Hope You’ll make a video and answer these questions.

    Have a good one.

    1. Hey. There’s anwsers to most of the questions in books and interviews. For instance, renting a studio was way cheaper in Denmark. And that’s Lars’ home, so it’s easier to set everything up. We’ll see, maybe i’ll magane to make a full video on these ones. Cheers

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