‘To Live Is to Die’ – the best live tribute I’ve seen

Hey friends! Today I want to share with you a special video. It’s a tribute to Metallica and Cliff Burton by one of the best Russian metal musicians. They played ‘To Live Is to Die’ together and recorded it in a single take. This sounds awesome. I hope Metallica is going to learn own sons that good, and perform it better than it was in 2011)) Click below and enjoy the video. R.I.P. Cliff \m/

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4 most OVERDONE Metallica songs

Metallica is known as a band that makes long songs, and sometimes too much. More riffs, more variations of the riffs, more sections and composition twists. Of course, there’re some exceptions (like Motorbreath). But the tendency to overdo songs (in terms of duration, sound, overall saturation) is a thing for which we might either love of hate Metallica. So, here’s my top 4 Metallica songs (imho) overdone one way or another.

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