Bass solo: Nightwish melodies part 2 (+bass tab) / by Andriy Vasylenko

Watch the Nightwish bass tab here. Tempos are approximate, few moments either (hammer-ons, slides etc). Believe, you`ll get the thing=)

Bass solo Nightwish melodies part 2

Bass solo Nightwish melodies part 2

00:02 I Want My Tears Back
00:09 Nemo
00:25 For The Heart I Once Had
00:42 Dead Boy’s Poem
00:58 Wish I Had An Angel
01:10 Come Cover Me

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Bass solo: Nightwish melodies, 1st part (+bass tab) / Andriy Vasylenko

Hello, friends! My new “Guitar Solos On Bass” video, my favorite melodies and riffs by Nightwish.

Track list:
00:02 Last of the Wild (Dark Passion Play)
00:15 Ghost River (Imaginaerum)
00:23 Nemo (Once)
00:30 Ghost Love Score (Once)
00:57 Deep Silent Complete (Wishmaster)

Bass tab is here, as usual:

Bass solo Nightwish bass tab part 1 (1)

Bass solo Nightwish bass tab part 1 (1)

Bass solo Nightwish bass tab part 1 (2)

Bass solo Nightwish bass tab part 1 (2)

So, this is 1st part of my Nightwish medley. Subscribe to my Youtube channel! \m/

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Bass solo: Pantera “Floods” outro (+bass tab)

Hey, friends! “Guitar solos on bass” renews, actually by request, bass tab done either. This is my bass solo variation of “Floods” outro by Pantera. “Floods” outro is an awesome piece of music, another amazing work by Dimebag Darrell, R.I.P. I’ve modified it for 4-string bass guitar with some changed moments, but initial idea is kept. This Pantera bass tab placed below>

bass solo pantera floods outro bass tab

bass solo pantera floods outro tab

This is one of the best Pantera` songs, stands in a line with other greatest hits of Pantera: “Cowboys From Hell”, “Mouth For War”, “Cemetery Gates”, “Walk”, “This Love” etc. This song was released in 1996 on “Great Southern Trendkill” album.

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