8 YEARS IN LIFE OF METALLICA: 2008-2016 (documentary)

8 years – the biggest gap between two studio albums in Metallica history. But we can’t say that the band’s wasted the time, nor that we’ve been bored expecting new album ‘Hardwired…To Self-Destruct’. So, what did happen with Metallica since Death Magnetic to Hardwired…To Self-Destruct? The most memorable events that took place in 2008 – 2016, the 8 years in life of Metallica, in my fan documentary full of interesting facts and memories.

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1000 AVanguard members! Participate in BIG MEDLEY

Congratulations comrades! We are 1000 \m/ I so appreciate that you’re here. Hope toy enjoy my work and forgive some mistakes I make=)

Here’s a way we’re going to celebrate this milestone achievement. Propose your favorite song for BIG AVANGUARD MEDLEY. It will be published next month. Plus you’ll get BASS TAB of the medley.

Thanks guys! Be in metal \m/

ART GUERILLA WAR: Youtube content ID & music copyright

Hi comrade! Today we talk about Youtube Content ID and music copyright in Internet. First of all, a disclaimer: this is my vision, and it’s everybody’s personal responsibility on taking and practicing the stuff. I don’t have the intention to get the system gone. I just want to discuss how to make it better and how amateur musicians, like I am, could manage it in legal and fair way.

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Melodic thrash metal: does it exist?

“Melodic” – this term has become a trend in modern rock music. Someone is annoyed by that, someone doesn’t care. Yes, there is melodic death metal, which everybody accepts. And how about other genres? Closer to the point: are there the melodic thrash metal bands? Does melodic thrash metal exist at all?

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Denis Stoff (new singer of Asking Alexandria) interview for Michael Shchur

Denis Stoff (Shaforostov) has become a new singer of Asking Alexandria in 2015. He is my compatriot (both from Ukraine), and he could break away . My respect for Den \m/ Here is one of his recent interviews, originally in Ukrainian and Russian. I translated it to English. Video included. Watch, read, and make your dreams come true too! To read full interview, become my subscriber! \m/

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