8 YEARS IN LIFE OF METALLICA: 2008-2016 (documentary)

8 years – the biggest gap between two studio albums in Metallica history. But we can’t say that the band’s wasted the time, nor that we’ve been bored expecting new album ‘Hardwired…To Self-Destruct’. So, what did happen with Metallica since Death Magnetic to Hardwired…To Self-Destruct? The most memorable events that took place in 2008 – 2016, the 8 years in life of Metallica, in my fan documentary full of interesting facts and memories.

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ART GUERILLA WAR: Youtube content ID & music copyright

Hi comrade! Today we talk about Youtube Content ID and music copyright in Internet. First of all, a disclaimer: this is my vision, and it’s everybody’s personal responsibility on taking and practicing the stuff. I don’t have the intention to get the system gone. I just want to discuss how to make it better and how amateur musicians, like I am, could manage it in legal and fair way.

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Denis Stoff (new singer of Asking Alexandria) interview for Michael Shchur

asking alexandria new vocalist denis stoff interview 2015

Denis Stoff (Shaforostov) has become a new singer of Asking Alexandria in 2015. He is my compatriot (both from Ukraine), and he could break away . My respect for Den \m/ Here is one of his recent interviews, originally in Ukrainian and Russian. I translated it to English. Video included. Watch, read, and make your dreams come true too! To read full interview, become my subscriber! \m/

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