How to learn HARD RIFF or SOLO: 4 tricks (lesson + tabs)

Wanna play a favorite riff or solo, but there’s something holding you back, you stumble on? We all struggle with that, especially in the beginning of learning guitar or bass. Today I’ll show you how to learn a hard licks (bass, guitar, sitar, whatever).

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4 most OVERDONE Metallica songs

Metallica is known as a band that makes long songs, and sometimes too much. More riffs, more variations of the riffs, more sections and composition twists. Of course, there’re some exceptions (like Motorbreath). But the tendency to overdo songs (in terms of duration, sound, overall saturation) is a thing for which we might either love of hate Metallica. So, here’s my top 4 Metallica songs (imho) overdone one way or another.

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How to play ‘Asturias’ on metal bass (lesson + tabs)

‘Asturias’ is a classic of Spanish guitar music, initially written by Isaac Albeniz for piano, on Andres Segovia made the most known guitar arrangement of it. And recently I’ve attempted to play it on bass in metal solo style (check out the video too). Today I’ll show you how to learn it with tabs.

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