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Андрій Василенко Andriy Vasylenko bass guitar musicHi friend! I’m Andriy Vasylenko, a musician and blogger from Ukraine.

My main Youtube channel started in 2014, with mostly Metallica bass covers. And then it gradually turned into a music commentary thing – again, mostly about my favorite band Metallica.

In 2019, we launched MetalliGeek – a video series/podcast with the goal of eventually interviewing Metallica.

A special place of our community is held for Cliff Burton, in the form of Total Cliff tribute.

Besides music blogging, I also compose own music, and lead a geography/history channel (well, I’m a graduated teacher of geography). Plus a channel for random stuff, communities on Telegram and Instagram.

Cheers! Be in metal \m/


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  1. Hi Andy! Hope your all right

    You are a realy great musician. Love the sound of your bass and I admire your skills. I am twice older as you and at least a hundred times worst bassist than you are:) But nevertheless! I’ve got a little challange for you if you don’t mind. As the proper Cliff Burton fans we all know that Jason’s lines in later songs could’ve been a little bit better. Therefore what if you played Newsted’s lines the way that Cliff would have played it? What do you think?

    Best regards

    1. Hi! Thanks for the words.

      I’ve thought about that. And it’s partly been done in my Blackened, My Friend Of Misery, The Frayed Ends of Sanity covers – I played them with fingers, but kept Jason’s arrangement. Just forgot about the idea, thank you for reminding! So probably my next Total Jason covers will be performed Cliff’s way.

      Have you watched my To Live Is To Die? I made the Cliff’s arrangement there.

      Greetings \m/

  2. Привіт, Andriy!

    Thank you very much for your covers!
    I’m a bassist and a Metallica fan from Croatia and I’ve been following your channel for a long time – it’s really great to finally see someone make accurate bass tabs of their tracks!

    Do you plan on making “I Disappear” and “No Leaf Clover” tabs as well in the future?

    Thank you!
    — Boris

  3. hi frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriend
    I’ve been taking classical guitar lessons for several months, and i discovered you around the time i started. I’ve never been more hyped about music theory! you’re the first person out there to feed my growing interest in bass (other than Cliff Burton). What you’ve talked about in videos (with song structure, especially), have led me to many ah-ha moments, and have inspired me to pursue music even further, despite my boring beginning state. Thank you frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriend.
    -Rachel the Philosopher

    1. Hi Rachel. I’m really glad that my videos and ideas inspire you. Thank you for the good words! Music is a marvelous world. Enjoy it)

      1. Thank you for responding. I know I’ll always love the world of music, and I’m thankful that you’ve made a community for people to share that love. I have a question, though. I don’t have a credit card of my own, so i asked if my parents could pay the one dollar per month on Patron so i could get ‘Total Cliff’. Understandably, my parents don’t EVER want to give people her credit card number online, in fear that they’ll screw them over. If that is the only way to get your book, then I won’t ever get it. Are there any other ways to get your book or will i be ‘Total Cliff’-less?

  4. Hi
    i just found this beautiful site a few days ago, but now i think it is time to write some words.
    At first : i never was the biggest Metallica Fan , but for me Cliff Burton is till now the only bass player i ever heard that played bass solos that make sense , i saw a lot of great bass players in the last 30 years with unbelievable techniques , but none of them had the feeling like Cliff had .
    I am now 44 and now with your help and this incredible website , i understand more and more what i never saw in the last 30 years when i hear those Metallica songs .
    Now it happened and i reactivated my old bass, and startet playing again.
    Thank you very much for sharing all this work and knowledge .
    Best Metal Regards

    1. Hi Simon, I so appreciate it, thank you so much! You could check out my Youtube channel, since website is just an addition to my videos) youtube.com/AndriyVasylenko

  5. Good work. Where do you get your shirts..the colorful longsleeve dashikis?
    Thanks for all of your videos.keep the legend alive.

  6. what bass do you use? I am a beginner myself and among other things, you inspired me to play the bass

  7. Hey Andriy,

    Been playing bass for about a year now, loving your videos and tabs. What brand and gauge strings do you prefer to use?

  8. I love what you do Andriy and thank you so much for doing it! I have some music of my own I’d like to publish onto Streaming services. I remember you mentioned on of your videos, a company you use to do that…it was a website I believe. Do you remember which video that was in?


    – Dakota Rain

  9. Could you please tell me how you get that tone for all metallica covers? Is that a delay pedal mixed with an overdrive/tubescreamer + compressor? I really need to know, from amp to pedals to bass to strings to pickups EVERYTHING! I think your tone is really fucking sick! Maybe you could even make a video on it…

  10. Hey Andriy!
    I’m a 16 years old bassist, I live in Italy.
    I always watch your videos and I’m here because I just wanted to tell you that your videos are fantastic and that they helped me a lot with the bass!
    Thanks for everything! You are very talented…
    Greetings From Friuli

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