New website for Metallica stuff (tabs too)

Our new Metallica hub

(articles here, podcasts here, video here)

Hi friends!

You likely subscribed to this newsletter for Metallica bass tabs. Glad to announce I’m back to it!

All the old tabs are getting updated, and new ones in progress. So, our Metallica bass tab collection will be completed finally. But on a new website. turns into my professional landing page of sorts. And all the Metallica related materials, including tabs, are moving to Plus my podcasts, articles and other cool stuff about the band. Maybe one day you’ll even see THE interview there.

So, if that’s what you dig, join our newsletter there, which we called MetGang (kinda an underground alternative to MetClub)

I won’t be abusing your inbox often. Once a month, you receive a digest of all the new stuff (including tabs), plus occasional important news (say, if it’s THE interview).

Should you unsubscribe from the AV newsletter then? Not at all. It’s a great way to stay together in case of emergency. Also, I might send a couple more tabs updates via it, till the stuff is fully moved to MG.

See you on everyone.

Cheers \m/


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