[repost] My First Metallica Show (Trip Report)

Hey! Besides this blog, there’s other ways you can learn about my first. MetalliTrip:

Full vlog:

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Alright, here we go…


9:00 Leaving home behind, heading to the railway station, which is about 40 minutes by foot. Feeling a bit rushed and anxious, but soon start to calm down.

10:15 On the train to Kiev

14:30 Have arrived to Kiev, thus first 350 km of the road are done. Stopping by McDonalds and having my last substantial meal for the next two days, then taking a trolleybus to the airport.

15:45 At the airport, registration to the flight in begins in two hours, boarding – in three.

20:00 Taking off, on the way to Copenhagen, two hours in the air. Point of no return.

21:30 (Denmark time) Have arrived to Denmark, trying to figure out where to go, how to get a train ticket to the city, and find the goddamn train itself. That part of the trip freaked me out the most, but luckily I learned that all pretty quickly. Many Danish people know English (but Danish names of bus stops and streets are freaking… freaking)

23:00 20 minutes on the train and I am at the Central Station. Could’ve saved 36 kronas, since no one checked my ticket (Fuck). There was WiFi at the airport, but there’s no at the Station (Double Fuck). Luckily, I have downloaded a JPG map of the city, and my hostel was in just two blocks away.

23:30 At the hostel, checking in. The reception guy has a mad accent, but after all I learned how to use their weird elevator and my key. Shared room, six people, pretty comfy, got WiFi.

01:00 Zzzzzzzzz….

9:30 Woke up (“where the fuck am I?!”). Writing messages to my family and people I am going to meet. Ate some biscuits and cookies. Getting up my ass to have a walk around the area.

12:00 First meet up – Bo. We had a nice conversation, and then we both went to the Station to meet Simon, my buddy from Sweden.

14:00 Me, Bo and Simon trying to find a toilet at the Station. Did it at the local shop, it was a toilet for staff. Bo got the key (picture attached lol). Turned out that Martin, the guy who gifted me the concert ticket, was at the Station then too. But we were to busy on the toilet adventure, so I forgot to pick him up (lol + fuck).

15:00 Bo leaves us, and now me and Simon go to the hostel. When WiFe appeared, got a message from Martin, he’s halfway to Telia Parken. We decided not to leave our bags at the hostel, hoping there’s gonna be a storage option at the venue.

Simon turns on his navigator, and we head to a place Martin waits us (it has an insane Danish spelling, something like Dghgtgtgrtgkjktgrtrg with a couple of umlauts, no way I could remember nor even pronounce it). The venue was about 4 km from the hostel, about an hour by foot (so, before the concert, I had already walked over 10 km).

15:30 Martin comes up exactly where our navigator says. Now we all three head to Parken, coming across Metallica fans all the time. The entire city smelled Metallica that day.

16:00 At the venue. People immediately start approach me. First was Mikkel, who later becomes our saviour by offering his car to store our bags. But before that Martin had unsuccessfully asked, probably, all the stadium staff for that. While we were running circles around the stadium solving our stuff, people kept stopping me, shaking hands and taking pictures. It was very pleasing and awkward at the same time.

I wish I had more time and was less stressed out to give more time and attention to everyone. And one guy, his name was Tommy, even gave me a spare pass to the Snake Pit that he had. I was literally speechless. Anyway, I did my best to act adequate and be as kind as possible to everyone, despite all the stress and hurry. I am surprised that my mouth even managed to pull out English words to say something in return.

17:00 We enter the stadium, at this point our flock gets separated: Simon goes to a side sector, Martin – to the front row, and me – to the Snake Pit. Not many people yet, but the place’s being filled up pretty rapidly. I chose to stay at the opposite to the stage side of the Pit, because it allowed me to lean on the fence (my back began to hurt at that point, should have not walked too much before the show). Looking around, being curious about everything.

A guy whose name’s Edgar (it was his 40th Metallica show, btw) asked if was Andrew. He was hesitating, and no wonder: I was wearing glasses and then made my ponytail loose – looking like a completely different person now. That’s why some people might’ve not recognized me, and only later in comments they said that they were hanging out right beside me. So, we had a great talk with Edgar about what defines a Metallica fan, or rather that there’s no such definition, and then he gave me a couple of picks.

~18:30 Bocassa start warming up the crowd. Really cool band with just three members. They sounded solid and heavy. Btw, I didn’t bring any ear protection to the venue, but it was mentioned everywhere they one should have them. So, I didn’t want to risk my heading and bought a couple for 80 kronas right there. Turned out, it was not that loud (Fuck).

Most of the people around me got beers and liqueurs in those pen-like containers. But I decided not to buy any drinks, even clean water, fearing that in the most important moment I’d want to take a pee. Though, I later asked a guy near me for a gasp of water.

~19:30 Ghost appears on stage. Now I am so excited that I can’t hide a grin from my face. They were another band that I so badly wanted to see live. Another luck. Amazing performance. But I saved my energy for the band which was the reason I was there.

~21:00 Staff preparing the stage for Metallica. We hear Rob warming up with Orion while ACDC is playing. Excitement grows.

~21:30 Ecstasy of Gold is being run… Excitement almost breaks the roof… Hardwired intro strikes – and then Metallica shows up! And I feel like two tears are dropping down my cheeks, and I don’t know why: because of the excitement, stress, or all the years that I have been waiting for it. Hardwired, Memory, Ride… I am being sucked into the action.

~22:30 Somewhere in the middle of the gig, I feel like I’m getting used to seeing Metallica live, that I have been at their shows hundreds of times. The line between the songs is blurred, it’s just contstant flow of headbanging and singing. Here Comes Revenge was particularly good for that (talking more detailed about each song in the podcast).

~23:30 They have played Seek & Destroy and go for an encore. Spit Out the Bone strikes all of a sudden. Can’t believe my ears. Then Nothing Else Matters, which gradually turns into Sandman… My battery was almost empty, but still I’m gathering all the crumbles of power for the final stretch. The show is complete. Metallica line up to thank the crowd, all four in like 2 meters before me.

I picked a spot in the Pit where I couldn’t reach their hands. Though I managed to catch 4 guitars picks, all from Kirk. And yeah, Kirk had noticed my Total Cliff t-shirt and said it’s nice.

I’m trying to recall more details now, but it’s all blurred in my head, 4 days after the show. Must watch videos once they come out. Btw, Metallica’s cameraman was just in front of me in the security spot, and he shot a few close ups of us. I think it was the Unforgiven, but we’ll see.

And funny that right after the show ended, on those huge screens, we saw a collage of pictures people took and posted on Instagram by that time with #metincopenhagen. And I already was there, right in the middle. That’s the collage you later might’ve seen in the Thank you Copenhagen video on the official Metallica channel. Perhaps, the guy responsible for that might’ve recognized me and thus put the image in the center, who knows.

So, we began moving toward the exit. Beer was spilled all over the place, so our shoes were sticky. Martin and I were looking for the car with my bag, it was quite a quest. My body was aching, and when we were crossing a grass, I just laid down on it for a few seconds, which actually helped a bit. So, then I gave away four picks that I caught, to my friends, leaving only one from Edgar and one dedicated to the Copenhagen show. And then Martin, Simon and I stuffed our bodies into a crowded bus and left Parken.

~1:30 Made it to the hostel. One of the most exciting and exhausting days in my life is over. Zzzzzzzz

6:00 Awake. Packing my shit. Asking reception if they had found any glasses lost. Thankfully, they did. Goodbye, DanHostel!

8:00 Taking a bus to Hannover, Germany. 9 hours on the road, with a little surprise: crossing a harbor on a boat (where I had a French hotdog, my first non-cookie meal in two days). Then I was picked up to my sister’s, she lives in Buende. That’s it, my 2200 km road was over. I will have another flight and then a train to take me back home.

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