The only pictures of Cliff Burton NOT wearing a shirt

Really rare stuff. Links below. RIP Cliff Burton \m/ #totalcliff



  • Mihnea

    From a Bay Area friend who used to hang out with these guys, and my personal opinion too, that NOT jam is most likely not showing Cliff. Cliff never wore bracelets of any kinds or a watch on his left hand, and in the video I can almost clearly see what looks like a wedding ring. Cliff wasn’t married and he always wore his almost trademark skull rings.

    Sorry to disappoint and hope this helps dude!

    • andriy

      Hey! That’s been confirmed by Scott Ian that was not Cliff. But it still was a fun exploration of Cliff’s habits and look))

  • Iridium

    love this pic!

  • Sophie Wesselhoff

    Hi Andriy! Pictures of shirtless Cliff are indeed rare, but I have managed to come across very few other ones. There is this one photo of Metallica where Cliff is on the far left, completely shirtless, haha. My pinterest username is, sopgirl0955 if you want to see the photo for yourself. Besides shirtless Cliff photos, I just want to say… I love your youtube videos. I love learning new, in depth facts about Metallica. I always look forward to your uploads. Hope you and your loved ones are doing well, stay metal frrriend \m/

    • andriy

      Hey! Thank you so much. A couple of people also sent me some of the pictures. Still under 10 images, so yeah rare stuff )) Still no picture of his legs thouhg

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