NEW TABS AVAILABLE: The Ecstasy of Gold (Metallica’s version)

Hey! I forgot this tab had been done, and my patrons could download it like two months ago. Anyway, here it is: bass transcription of Metallica’s studio version of “The Ecstasy of Gold”.

Metallica recorded the cover specially for Ennio Moriccone’s tribute album. The song’s tape has been the opener of Metallica shows since early 80s, so the heavy version was destined to happen sooner or later. The bass part isn’t too hard, if you can do gallop, the song’s in your pocket. Fun fact: all the lead parts, with tons of wah, were performed by James, not Kirk.

Download the tab via the link below (get our secret password here)

The Ecstasy of Gold (bass tab, free download)

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