How to play Blackened intro (bass version) +TABS

Hi friends. Andriy Vasylenko here.

Blackened intro. This is my third video on Blackened intro. First one was me playing it completely on bass. Then I told about it in my ‘The most chilling parts in Metallica songs‘ (check out them first).

And now we’ll figure out how to play the intro, and do it properly – creating the feeling.

Quite every time I see guys playing this intro on Youtube, but after being reversed it looses something.

Why? The notes are correct, the harmonies work… But do only notes bring emotions? Do only words tell us stories?

The words must be said in a right way to bring up some emotions. The same thing happens with music.

There’s a few more nuances without which the words / notes are dry. In particular, it’s articulation and intonation.

I figured out that there’s three things that make the intro from Blackened sound more emotional being reversed.

First thing – fade-in effect. Normally, a note or a chord drops in volume in order to a picked string loosing energy. Backwards, respectively, it increases. So, we have an effect which make music sound like emotional human voice.

Second thing – sharp bends. The biggest mistake in playing the intro – prolonged bends. To reconstruct the crying sound they must be played faster.

Third thing – distinct slides. Avoiding slides – another frequent mistake. A lot of moves in the intro are played sliding. Most of them are going up, and reversed they sound very trilling.

By the way, how I got the highest harmony which is beyond the range of bass. I used artificial harmonics played by tweaking. They sound the best with heavy distortion because the sound is pretty weak, so it needs extra boost and sustain.

Download free bass of Blackened intro (bass version) below (join our AVanguard to get a password):

GPX+GP5+PDF in zip-archive PDF only

Few words about how I recorded the intro. I used Guitar Rig 3 (VST plugin): harmonies – preset ‘Scorpio Lead’ (distortion with some reverb and delay), for rhythm – ‘Modern metal’, for bass – ‘Texas Toast’ (blues overdrive) + clean track.

I doubled rhythm, panned the tracks to the left and right. Bass track was in the middle. Harmony 1 – about 60% right, harmony 2 – 60% left, harmony 3 – 30% right (an extra harmony 2 was 30% right). After that I did some EQ (reduced noises and mud) and set level of every track, until everything sounded good.

I hope you found his interesting and useful. Try new thing, trust your ears, enjoy playing \m/

And yeah… #BeInMetal \m/

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