How to play ‘Asturias’ on metal bass (lesson + tabs)

‘Asturias’ is a classic of Spanish guitar music, initially written by Isaac Albeniz for piano, on Andres Segovia made the most known guitar arrangement of it. And recently I’ve attempted to play it on bass in metal solo style (check out the video too). Today I’ll show you how to learn it with tabs.

Time is ¾, tempo – allegro (100…140). Original tonality of ‘Asturias’ was G minor, for guitar it was transposed to E minor. The composition is based on a repetitive two-chord pattern (Em-Bm) with open B string as a pedal note (in guitar arrangement), and it goes through a number of variations.

To play ‘Asturias’ on bass, I had to transpose it again, so I could play the pedal tone. I found convenient to play it in C minor, and instead of open B now we have open D string with pull-off’s.

At the very beginning I set the tone of solo with inverted power chord C (and it finishes the solo as well).

First lick (on C minor chord):

Second lick (on G minor chord):

Then I slow it down and play taped high D, so now it feels like triplets, passing into a trill. This turned out a tricky and fun technique, and I don’t know how to name it properly:

And I finish it with 3-finger triplet tremolo on the known passage:

Hope you like it. Tabs are available for my patrons here, support me there if you like what I do. (Don’t worry, new Metallica bass tabs will free)

Thanks for watching/reading. Enjoy playing. #BeInMetal \m/

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