5 things you might not notice in Metallica songs (w/ tabs)

You think you’ve heard all Metallica? Let’s see what you might drop in famous songs!

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Metallica has released 10 studio albums and 115 originals songs, plus a bunch of covers which we love too. But even if you have listened to all the stuff, you probably dropped something, especially if you’re a new Metallica fan. So, here’s my 5 things that you might not notice in Metallica songs.

I’m not going to mention things like Bell Tolls intro and Orion solo are bass. You must already know it. As well as such an obsolete joke like ‘what you can’t notice – it’s BASS on Justice album’. Actually, there’s one piece when you can hear bass pretty good there, it’s coming up.

Note: If you are a hardened fan and you do hear all of that – just take it easy and be proud of this.

Clean guitar in ‘Orion’

Clean guitar in ‘Orion’ interlude is doubling the bass line in an octave higher, filling up the empty space between bass and solo guitars. Probably, it was recorded by James. Metallica doesn’t play the part live (you know, third guitar needed).

There might be whether 1 track which combines the parts or 2 separated tracks like these ones. By the way, I found the second part similar to how Jason played ‘Orion’.

Jason playing slap in ‘Cure’

Load/Reload are full of experimental stuff: fretless bass in ‘Until it Sleeps’, electric organ in ‘Bleeding Me’, and the weird rolling thing in ‘Low Man’s Lyrics’. But have you ever noticed specific sounding bass in the middle of ‘Cure’? It’s not that popular song, and Metallica never played it live, so probably not. It sounds like slap. We saw Jason playing slap live, so he could do that.

Cello-sounding bass in ‘To Live Is to Die’

And here’s the bass thing from Justice album. It appears in the beginning of interlude with clean guitar. Somebody might think, it’s cello. But actually that’s bass with swelling effect. We can see Rob doing it by rolling a volume knob on the only live performance of ‘To Live Is to Die’.

Piano in ‘Sanitarium’

James Hetfield told in a rare interview that the low E in ‘Sanitarium’ intro was accented by piano. That’s almost impossible to identify by ears in original recording. Nevertheless, we can catch the difference in comparison with isolated guitar track (check out video below)

Distorted bass in ‘Damage, Inc.’

And I’m not talking about the intro – if you’re my subscriber, you know that’s recorded by Cliff Burton. But listen carefully to the middle section – do you perceive something lower that just guitar playing a power chord? That sounds similar to what we hear in Orion intro and also in the Damage Inc. intro – heavy distorted bass. Probably there’re two tracks there: a regular line that Cliff played live, and distorted one making the guitar riff sounding more meaty.

Do you hear all the thing? Do you have something to add? Write that in comments. Next time we’ll discuss 4 most overdone Metallica songs.

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