Death Spirit Crusher bass cover + tabs

My tribute to Chuck Schuldiner & Scott Clendenin – two great musicians from the band Death who passed away. Spirit Crusher from The Sound of Perseverance album (1998) with free tabs.

death-spirit-crusher-bass-tab-rateOriginally ‘Spirit Crusher’ was played on 5-string bass with pick. Tuning is down 1 step (D-G-C-F).

In terms of technique Spirit Crusher is not very difficult (rated 2 of 3 ‘scythes’). Nevertheless, your hands must be strong and stretched enough to last the whole song (3 of 3 for stamina). Plus, there’re sophisticated rhythm measures in the song, and it has a lot of riffs and pretty saturated section frame (3 of 3 for structure).

My fingers got it, good work out for them. I gonna explore more Death stuff! What about bass lesson on Spirit Crusher for my another channel?

Download Death ‘Spiirit Crusher’ bass tabs for free below (join AVanguard here to get the password, it takes few minutes):

gpx+gp5+pdf in zip-archive Download

pdf only Download

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Thank you Chuck (for the great song) and Scott (for the great performance). R.I.P. \m/

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