Pantera ‘Cowboys From Hell’ bass lesson + tab

New bass lesson, and today we learn how to play ‘Cowboys From Hell’ by Pantera. Bass tabs below.

COMPLEXITY RATE of ‘Cowboys From Hell’ bass – 2 of 3 points (advanced), 2 points for all sub-rates: technique (most difficult licks are main riff and fast interlude riff, especially downward slide one), stamina (a lot of 16th notes), structure (time signature is 4/4 all the time, moderate amount of riffs and repeats, syncopated rhythm)

TUNING: standard (E-A-D-G)
TEMPO: normal middle (110…120 bpm)
TECHNIQUES: picking (original technique) or classic finger-style (in the lesson)
SPECIFICS: apoyando, strumming, slides, hammer-on’a, pull-off’s, staccato, syncope
TONE: clean with added highs (for more brightness)

Pantera ‘Cowboys From Hell’ bass tabs free to download (join our AVanguard to get the password, it’s for free and takes few minutes):

GPX/GP5/PDF in rar-archive Download

PDF only Download

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Next lesson – ‘Anesthesia’ part 2. Thanks fro c=watching and support \m/

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