Metallica ‘Spit Out The Bone’ bass cover + bass tab

Hey! Here’s first version of Metallica ‘Spit Out The Bone’ bass tab. And a bass cover (where I played a few improvisations of mine).

‘Spit Out The Bone’ (besides ‘Hardwired’) is the fastest song on ‘Hardwired…To Self-Destruct’ album, and the most stamina requiring. Nevertheless, it’s technically easier to play that it might seem (picture below represents complexity rate of the song).

metallica spit out the bone bass tab arte

Despite of speed, Robert is using finger-style in ‘Spit Out The Bone’. Approach that’s familiar to us from Cliff Burton’s arrangements (‘Whiplash‘, ‘Fight Fire With Fire‘): pulsing 8th’s and gallop played over guitar tremolo. This way hands don’t get tired too fast, plus more accents adds to meet both drums and rhythm guitar parts.

I performed pulsing 8th notes (accent with snare) in intro, and galloping – in verses. Main riff turned out a mix of 8th and gallop. For more precise parts I should watch a live performance of Spit Out The Bone (haven’t been played yet) or master bass track. You can do it the way you’re comfortable.

Bass solo (I’d rather count it as a riff) has crunch tone, and, as I suppose, is played in 12th position on 4th and 3rd strings: I hear more lows than it would be in 7th position, moreover, there’s less stretch over there because of shorter frets, so fingering is more convenient.

It’s a brief review of bass line. For more details, check out video and bass tabs that you can download below.

Metallica ‘Spit Out The Bone’ bass tab (version 1) free to download (join our AVanguard to get the password):

PDF Download

GPX+GP5+PDF in zip-archive Download

So, expect new bass tabs and whole Hardwired…To Self-Destruct bass tab book! Join AVanguard to stay informed. And if you haven’t get you copy of ‘Hardwired…To Self-Destruct’ album, you can do it here on Amazon.

And here’s official music video on ‘Spit Out The Bone’. Enjoy!

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