‘ORION’ TAKE 3 (free bass tabs)

Here’s my third take of Metallica ‘Orion’ and new bass tabs. Enjoy playing! \m/

I’ve made ‘Orion’ bass tabs in gpx format, so it requires Guitar Pro 6 to open. I brought new tabbing features like chords, dynamics, my rating system of complexity (Cliff’s fists, from 1 to 3). I rated Orion with 3 fists in technique, 2 in stamina, 2 in structure, overall rate is 2 (average complexity). If you find mistakes and bugs, please report me.

You can download free Metallica Orion bass tab here below. If you don’t have the password, join our AVanguard (you’ll receive it in a message after e-mail confirmation).

‘Orion’ free tabs (gpx+pdf in rar archive) Download

‘Orion’ free tabs (gp5+pdf in rar archive) Download (might have distorted parts because of exporting from Guitar Pro 6)

‘Orion’ free tabs (pdf only) Download

Exploring, tabbing, recording, filming, editing, fixing small things – all of that have taken a week of work, about 10-20 total hours (hard to estimate). Hope you like the result. If you find my efforts worth a dollar a month – become my Patron here.

Total Cliff is reloading. See you in next videos! Join AVanguard to stay informed about new tabs and stuff. Be in metal \m/

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