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Metallica ‘Hardwired’ bass tab and review of bass line

Hey! Today we learn how to play new song by Metallica ‘Hardwired’. Bass tab free download in the end of article.

Now there’s a huge hype about Metallica’s brand new song ‘Hardwired’ and releasing 10th album ‘Hardwired…To Self-Destruct’ in November. So why not to take advantage on this? At least, I must play the bass one of first – I believe this is my obligation as a big Metallica fan and Total Cliff foudner.

Actually, I couldn’t hear bass in ‘Hardwired’ mix distinctly. That reminds me situation with ‘Ride the Lightning’ and ‘…And Justice For All’ where bass (the best bass tones in Metallica history) was buried. So I watched live performance (check it out below) and tried to get what Robert’s playing there.

And it turned out that ‘Hardwired’ bass line’s quite simple and way of being sophisticated. Trujillo’s decision was to follow more drums than rhythm guitar. So the most of bass line goes along kick and share and looks like 0-0-0-0. Here’re main parts of Metallica ‘Hardwired’ bass tabbed (tuning standard (studio) or down 1/2 step (live), tempo ~175 bpm (fast metal, presto):

metallica hardwired bass tab intro

metallica hardwired bass tab intro 2

2-finger 8th notes rhythm with a little extra accent on weak beat (every 2nd note) along snare. Reminds me ‘Whiplash’ this way.

metallica hardwired bass tab main riff

metallica hardwired bass tab verse

metallica hardwired bass tab chorus

metallica hardwired bass tab solo

Interlude main riff is played by close to 4th triplets notes. But they don’t sound like strict triplets. The touch from ‘Kill Em All’ (like whole songs). Here how I tabbed the bass riffs:

metallica hardwired bass tab interdlude

metallica hardwired bass tab interlude main riff

metallica hardwired bass tab interlude main riff 2

Few words about ‘Hardwired’ in general. It sounds like ‘Whiplash’ + ‘Metal Militia’ + ‘That Was Just Your Life + ‘My Apocalypse’. But much shorter. Main riff is cool, and I believe that Metallica has better ones in upcoming album. 4 start of 5.

Metallica ‘Hardwired’ bass tab free download is available below, join our AVanguard to get password:

pdf gtp+pdf in rar-archive

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed learning how to play ‘Hardwired’ on bass. Expect new videos and bass tabs. Subscribe to my channel: one for covers, one for lessons, one for reviews. For exclusive stuff, become my Patron or Assistant (contact me for that). See you \m/

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