#29 Metallica – Damage Inc. (bass review with tab)

Hey friend! I’ve reviewed almost every Metallica song recorded with Cliff, and today goes the last one – ‘Damage Inc.’. Yeah, we’ve also got ‘Blitzkrieg’ and ‘Anesthesia’ left, but first is a cover and second is a solo. ‘Damage Inc.’ bass tab is included as always.

Why did I choose those three tunes to finish Total Cliff’ by? ‘Damage Inc.’ was the last song on the last Cliff’s album, ‘Blitzkrieg’ was the last track he played before died, and ‘Anesthesia’ is his biggest masterpiece. It could seem trivially, but I wanted to complete the series with some order that the rest of it didn’t have. It called to remind us that Cliff as a man who passed away had the last songs recorded, last gigs played, last words said… And he didn’t know about that. Nobody ever knows when he’ll do the last thing in his life. So we must treat every moment like a treasure and be sure that the last thing done being something good. That’s the message I meant. That’s the highest goal of our Total Cliff project.

So, ‘Damage Inc’ is the fastest song Metallica wrote with Cliff Burton. ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ and ‘Battery’ are good too, but .Damage Inc.’ riffs are crazy fast. I used to underrate this song (as well as a good half of the rest songs I dare to play so far). And even considering the fact that ‘Damage Inc.’ don’t always sound nice live (because of James’ vocal lines), this tune is definitely deserve you to learn. Unfortunately there’s no original bass track, so I should listen very thorough and try to catch Burton’s thoughts here (plus I watched how Robert handled this song live).

Intro. This was recorded by bass, and I’d made a single review about this Cliff Burton’s masterpiece, check it out here. After that goes a bridge riff:

metallica damage inc bass tab intro 2

Main riff is absolutely ripping! I think Cliff didn’t play tremolo here, combining 3-finger gallop and straight 8th notes (common practice in classic metal finger bass). It took several takes to record this one properly because of tricky figure (plus Lars’s drums=)

metallica damage inc bass tab main riff

Verse guitar riff is totally doubled by Cliff, except D-A# tale. Check out bass tab:

metallica damage inc bass tab verse

Interlude, section one (kind of breakdown). I always felt like here’s some sort of bass we hear in ‘Orion’ intro. James and Kirk never used that sound, so my conclusion – that was Cliff’s job. Also he recorded a traditional bass line over that, pretty indistinct. Anyway here’s my guess based on Trujillo’s performance and bass crumbles, we can perceive on the record.

metallica damage inc bass tab bridge to interlude

metallica damage inc bass tab low

After solo, this guitar riff repeats another time. Cliff doubles it quite close. One of his fastest bass riffs.

metallica damage inc bass tab solo

metallica damage inc bass tab interlude

Powerful coda terminates the ‘Damage’:

metallica damage inc bass tab coda

Metallica ‘Damage Inc.’ bass tab free download here (join AVanguard to get the password):

gtp+pdf in rar-archive pdf only

Mission complete 29 of 32. Next reviews – Trauma, Blitzkrieg, Anesthesia. Thanks for checking out! Subscribe to my channels (for covers and lessons) and become my Patron to support me on higher level. R.I.P. Cliff \m/

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