#31 Metallica – Blitzkrieg (bass review with tab)

Hey friend! Today we learn second to last song of Total Cliff ‘Blitzkrieg’. Bass tab in the end of article.

‘Blitzkrieg’ – strange choice, isn’t it? Why not ‘Master of Puppets’ or something like that retained for the final mile of Total Cliff marathon?

In previous review ‘Damage Inc.‘ I explained why I decided to finish Total Cliff that way. Actually, the most of rest of songs were chosen random and by your request. Nevertheless, I tried to keep some balance between the best hits and not so popular Metallica songs (approximately 1+6 in line).

‘Orion’ and ‘The Call of Ktulu’ were planned as 7th and 14th reviews respectively because those were my favorite numbers. And ‘(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth)’ kept as a final point of all of that.

But today we learn the last song Cliff performed we hours before havens took him. This is ‘Blitzkrieg’ – Metallica cover on a song by Blitzkrieg band. This one, as well as any cover Metallica played then, has became a classic Metallica tune that sounds like they wrote it. And Cliff did his best there as always.

Bass sounds pretty distinct and bright in ‘Blitzkrieg’. Plus it feels like Cliff got new strings after recording Kill Em All stuff=) So we can get what happens there with bass line.

Main riff / chorus. Love this one for rhythmic shift and unusual time signature. Burton doubled guitars, but in intro repeat he performed a little deviation (once 10-9-10 instead of 7-5-7, you get hear that).

metallica blitzkrieg bass tab main riff

Pre-verse, and verse, and pre-chorus. Straight as me – guitars riffs doubled.

metallica blitzkrieg bass tab bridge

metallica blitzkrieg bass tab verse

metallica blitzkrieg bass tab pre-chorus

Interlude is quite saturated with riffs. There’s some room here, so Cliff goes with fills (not so clear to get, but something like that).

metallica blitzkrieg bass tab solo

metallica blitzkrieg bass tab interlude

Few more riffs afterwards. They don’t repeat exactly every time, so check out all alternatives in gtp or pdf tabs:

metallica blitzkrieg bass tab final

metallica blitzkrieg bass tab final

Outro is a variation on verse riff. Coda has free time and tempo, Cliff plays up-going slide with tremolo and few dissonances that leads to James’s burp (I called that ‘anarchy’ section):

metallica blitzkrieg bass tab outro coda

Metallica ‘Blitzkrieg’ bass tab free download (join AVanguard to get password):

gtp+pdf in rar-archive pdf only

Mission complete 31 of 32. Next – (ANESTHESIA) PULLING TEETH. We have done it! A long way is passed, and it worth the work. R.I.P. Cliff Burton \m/

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