Metallica guitar solos on bass + tab (Andriy Vasylenko montage 2014-2016)

Hi friend! So, the main part of Total Cliff is finished (it continuous on my channel for bass lessons). And now I can respire a bit, and take a glance at what’s done over 2 years.

My very first videos were guitar solos on bass, mostly Metallica ones. So here’s my compilation (with remastered sound) of all the stuff I played. Few words about how I performed that.

I used guitar distortion preset Scorpio Lead from GuitarRig3. Actually, it’s still my favorite bass solo tone. Leading bass from ‘Orion’ and ‘Ktulu’ was exactly on ‘Scorpio Lead’.

I finished playing Metallica guitar solos on bass in December 2014, but recently I’ve done that again with ‘To Live Is To Die’ and ‘Am I Evil?’. By the way, one solo is missed here for some reasons – ‘Garage Inc. medley’ (check out all the videos in my playlist below).

As you see, I’m a fan of James’ solos=) He writes them so rarely, but they always turn out awesome.

My main bass techniques were exactly the ones I told about in a video below. You can notice a lot of artificial harmonics and forced tapping with bends.

I had to adjust guitar lines to 4-string bass, so the solos sound mostly 1 octave lower. There’s also few deviations and improvisations of mine. Here’re all the bass tab in order video appears in video (some moments might be different, like missed mark of tapping or harmonics). Click on a picture to see it full size.

Suicide and Redemption (Hetfield’s solo)

suicide & redemption solo tab

Fade to Black (first Kirk’s solo)

fade to black solo tab

Master of Puppets (Hetfield’s solo)

master of puppets solo tab

Nothing Else Matters (Hetfield’s solo)

nothing else matters solo tab

Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (second Kirk’s solo)

welcome home sanitarium solo tab

To Live Is To Die (Hetfield’s solo)

to live is to die solo tab

Am I Evil? (fill after intro)

am i evil solo tab

One more note – I can’t tab playing over invisible 31st fret, the harmonics from ‘Am I Evil? were actually played there.

So that was my start on Youtube. All the solos from 2014 brought me less then 80 subscribers then. Maybe I’ll play few more solos in future, for instance, one from ‘The Unforgiven’.

Here’re bass tabs (join our AVanguard to get the password, it takes few minutes):

gp5 in zip-archive Download

pdf Download

Thanks for watching and support! If you like my work, become my Patron here You can get all the solos in mp3 and wav there or on my BandcampSee you next time! \m/

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