#28 Metallica – Am I Evil? (bass review with tab)

Hey guys! Today we learn first Metallica cover in Total Cliff series ‘Am I Evil?’. Bass tab to download in the end of article.

For reference. ‘Am I Evil?’ is a song of a band Diamond Head – one of the biggest Metallica influences – released in 1980 on ‘Lightning of the Nations’ album. James, Lars, Kirk, and Cliff recorded this tune as a bonus to 1988 year edition of ‘Kill ‘Em All’. Later it appears on ‘Garage Inc.’ album as a rare Metallica cover.

You could say: ‘Cliff did not write bass line for ‘Am I Evil?’, and Colin Kimberley [Diamond Head bassist then] did’. Thus, it doesn’t belong to his legacy. Sounds fair enough. But here’s what I’m telling: ‘Am I Evil?’ bass is more demonstrative this way then a half of ‘Kill Em All’.

You know bass line creates on basis of what guitars play. That’s why bass is just doubling guitars (in an octave lower, of course) in most cases.

Nevertheless, there’s some room for playing something new even there. Cliff always took advantage on this being the King of bass fills. And that we observe in ‘Am I Evil?’ in full.

Intro. Epic one. My favorite moment – strong open E in the middle of repeat.

metallica am i evil bass tab intro 1

metallica am i evil bass tab intro 2

metallica am i evil bass tab intro 3

metallica am i evil bass tab intro 4

Check out tab for the ‘Am I Evil? ‘solo played on bass in this article.

Main riff. It applies for both verse and chorus. Cliff performed a few fill in very first verse and before the one. After that he followed guitars straight.

metallica am i evil bass tab main riff

Here’s a modulation for pre-chorus, 7 semitones up (E to B).

metallica am i evil bass tab verse prechorus chorus

Bridge to interlude. Here appears new Cliff’s signature move – power-chord arpeggio. Plus variation for ending.

metallica am i evil bass tab bridge to middle

Main interlude riff. In the end of every section that has it, Cliff plays bass fill.

metallica am i evil bass tab interlude main riff

Triplet riffs. We have met similar one in ‘The Four Horsemen’ (Diamond Head influence feels). It’s known that Burton played that passage by two fingers. Logically, in ‘Am I Evil?’ he did that the same way. It’s hard but possible (deserves a separate lesson).

metallica am i evil bass tab interlude verse riff

metallica am i evil bass tab solo 1

metallica am i evil bass tab solo 2

New riff happens in the end of fast section. After that goes outro with main riff (for more details download bass tab below).

metallica am i evil bass tab end of fast

metallica am i evil bass tab outro coda

Metallica ‘Am I Evil?’ bass tab free download (join AVanguard to get password).

PDF only GTP+PDF in rar-archive

Here’s a page with all free Metallica bass tab.

Mission complete 28 of 32. We’ve got only four reviews left: one original song (Damage Inc.) one cover (Blitzkrieg), one medley (Trauma), and one solo (Anesthesia, yeah). I can’t believe it…

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