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Volbeat ‘Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie’ album review by Andriy Vasylenko

Hey guys! I’ve just listened to a brand new album by Volbeat ‘Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie’. So till the impressions are hot, ‘let’s boogie for a while’ around this record.

Volbeat is one my favorite bands. Only 7-8 bands deserved to be completely listened by me, and this Danish one is on the list. You never can force me to check out all dammit albums by any artist until I found it interesting for me. So you could imaging how high hopes I had about Volbeat’s new record.

Often we overrate our expectation, so impressions after we get to the thing we expected could be much lower. It’s probably our fault. But let’s get to the core – why do we listen to music? Emotions, memories, escaping from reality… And what if it brings not so good emotions at first, even if the rest of stuff is quite nice? That initial impression leaves a negative mark on everything goes after. The thing happened to me while listening ‘Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie’.

Worst thing that any artist might do – ongoing self-plagiarism. Using your special features could be OK if it’s used reasonable, this determines own unique style. Good music is a mix of things expected and unexpected. And when it goes totally like ‘They would play now this way again! Oh, there you go…’ all the time. Chord progressions, tonality shifts, vocal moves, solos… I except one self-plagiarism thing per song, but not 3 or even more!!!

What did spoiled my impressions about Volbeat’s ‘Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie’? The songs ‘The Devil’s Bleeding Crown’ and ‘For Evigt’, chosen as teasers for the album and one of first tracks on CD. I let ‘The Devil’s Bleeding Crown’ go like ‘It’s OK, just one song’. And then ‘For Evigt’ went… I’ve heard that before again! It’s a remake of ‘Lola Montez’ – one of my favorite songs from previous Volbeat album.

What about ‘Bleeding Crown’ – there’s also a similar tune on ‘Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies’ (just check it out, you’ll know it). And those tracks were chosen as teasers that actually leaved the bad first impression about the whole album. The rest of tracks sound much fresher (including ripping ‘Seal the Deal’). But after the 4th track ‘For Evigt’ I couldn’t digging further impartial and with joy. It’s totally subjective though.

Plus you know that I’m fond of cool main riffs. There’s no ones in the album at all. Even memorable melodies. Just triplet riffing we hear more than 10 years already.

Performance is great, especially Michael’s vocals (as always). They are professionals, so there’s no way to record it sloppy.

Anyway, I know the future of ‘Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie’ in my player – I don’t wanna see it there again. Maybe much later. But it’s the first time I’m thinking about a new album this way.

My rating for Volbeat ‘Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie’ album – 11 of 14 (for the rest of songs). Can’t deal with it now: I’m going to ‘Got Your Six’ and ‘Death Magnetic’.

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