#24 Metallica – Trapped Under Ice (bass review with tab)

Hey friends! Today we’re digging the bass line that was ‘Trapped Under Ice‘. Bass tab in the end of article (all the Metallica bass tabs are here).

‘Trapped Under Ice’ is one of the most underrated songs by Metallica (as well as ‘The Outlaw Torn’, ‘Purify’ and other such tunes that I love). I was playing it for the first time, and I discovered a few interesting things there.

Intro. Bass line starts with a little tremolo (that was actually recorded by Cliff sloppy, check out the original bass track), and then goes a riff that never repeats again in the song:

metallica trapped under ice bass tab intro

Main riff / verse. It’s classic trash riff by Metallica, smells a bit like ‘Kill ‘Em All’ stuff. Cliff performs galloped rhythm instead guitar tremolo (his usual practice as a finger-style bassist). I played the tail of riff in 8th position on 6th string, but I think he did on 5th string:

metallica trapped under ice bass tab verse

Chorus. There’re tricky to tab moves in the chorus riff. Cliff often played kind of fast pre-gallops that GuitarPro doesn’t let to tab properly. So it looks a bit weird:

metallica trapped under ice bass tab chorus

And here’s my favorite riff from ‘Trapped Under Ice’. It hooks me the most, and I don’t know why exactly. Do you like it too?

metallica trapped under ice bass tab interlude 1

Another riff from interlude. Cliff added few more bass fills here:

metallica trapped under ice bass tab interlude 2

In the final section of ‘Trapped Under Ice’ all the riffs are repeating and combining. You’ll get it from the bass tabs below.

Metallica ‘Trapped Under Ice’ bass tab free to download (for AVanguard members, get the password to unlock files here):

gtp+pdf in rar-archive pdf only

Mission complete 24 of 32. Next – ‘Leper Messiah’. Thanks for support! Subscribe to my channels for covers and tutorials. R.I.P. Cliff Burton \m/

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