#26 Metallica – Ride the Lightning (bass review with tab)

Hey comrade! No spare words, let’s be closer to the deal – it’s Metallica ‘Ride the Lightning’. Bass tab in the end of article.

You probably would agree with the statement – ‘Ride the Lightning’ is one of the most underrated Metallica songs. Rarely performed live, this track is so beloved by fans (otherwise I’d not got so many request to play it). Moreover, ‘Ride the Lightning’ really impressed me as a bass player, and I’ve partly revised my technique and practice after making the video (a bit later about that).

‘Ride the Lightning’ contains 8 riffs, not including variations. Very saturated tune, so at least it requires stamina to play it all the way through. But there’s few moments in bass line which surprised me and forced to feel like sh*t for a while=)

I suppose, Cliff had to warm up good to record ‘Ride the Lightning’. I didn’t detect any obvious mistakes in his pretty complicated line (and I caught ones in guitars lol).

Intro. Powerful hits on E. There’s a tricky rhythmic shift when main riffs happens.

metallica ride the lightning bass tab intro

Then bass begins to play the riffs with a cool little bass fill right before it. I used to play this riff fully on 6th string, but I saw that Cliff played A-A# hammer-on move on 5th.

metallica ride the lightning bass tab main riff

metallica ride the lightning bass tab main riff verses


Bridge riff (pre-verse):

metallica ride the lightning bass tab bridge

Chorus riff. Cliff performed this on with growing dynamics. Most of bassists would rather play it with accent on first beat, but that’s Cliff’s specific solution:

metallica ride the lightning bass tab chorus

Fast interlude riff. This one was written by Dave Mustaine, and here the surprises appears – 2-finger mini tremolos:

metallica ride the lightning bass tab interlude main riff

After that goes a riff, playing which I admitted losing my stamina and speed. Probably I relaxed too much, so from now on I work harder than ever (I’ll tell about my new bass routine on my second channel). The riff is played by two-finger tremolo.

metallica ride the lightning bass tab another interlude riff

While Kirk’s playing one of his best solos, Cliff go leading bass a bit, here’s few bass fills from there:

metallica ride the lightning bass tab melodic interlude

metallica ride the lightning bass tab melodic interlude modulation

Kirk keeps on ripping, and we meet a new riffs that’s followed by C-B-A#-A tremolo that we’ve learned:

metallica ride the lightning bass tab one more riff

In the end of song, over another new riff, Cliff played muted strumming, that’s so awesome!

metallica ride the lightning bass tab outro

Metallica ‘Ride the Lightning’ bass tab free download here (join AVanguard to get a password):

PDF only GTP+PDF in rar-archive

Here’s a page with all free Metallica bass tabs.

‘Ride the Lightning’ is the only Total Cliff song so far that opened my eyes on my technique and ways to improve it. To be honest, that was first time in couple of years of me feeling so guilty about loosing skills. But I’ll make up leeway and show you something incredible this summer! I’ve already done my routine twice, and there’s some progress (expect my report about that).

Mission complete 26 of 32. Next – ‘Jump In the Fire’ and ‘Am I Evil?’. I so appreciate your comments and support! There weeks until the end of Total Cliff… R.I.P. Cliff Burton \m/

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