#25 Metallica – Leper Messiah (bass review with tab)

Hey friend! Now it’s turn of ‘Leper Messiah’ to be reviewed. Bass tab in the end of article.

This songs kind of stands apart from the rest Metallica discography. It brings so special vibe, so different from that they wrote. Maybe it’s because of Dave Mustaine’s mark: he claimed that the ‘Leper Messiah’ was based on his riffs. Probably Metallica didn’t want to mention Dave in already third album, so far from his departure from band.

Anyway, ‘Leper Messiah’ is one of the most punching and solid tunes of Metallica. Kind of predecessor of ‘Harvester of Sorrow’ and ‘Sad But True’. Less syncopes, more accented beats.

There’s no original bass track from ‘Leper Messiah’ recorded by Cliff Burton available. So I had to turn my ears on maximum volume and get what’s happening with bass there.

It this case of non-having original bass track I follow few principles to catch bass:
– if all sounds absolutely solid in tonality, then bass is doubling guitar
– if something sounds with deviation in tonality, then it’s probably because of bass moves

We don’t hear bass well on first Metallica albums, so a lot of things we just guess (remember ‘The Call of Ktulu’). And there are three such guess-things in ‘Leper Messiah’ that I caught.

Intro and main riff. Cliff just doubled guitars, it should sound tight:

metallica leper messiah bass tab intro metallica leper messiah bass tab main riff

Then goes a riff with bass tails, and even here we’ve got a few alternatives (Jason Newsted, Bob Rock, Robert Trujillo – they all played it differently). In my video you see all the options:

metallica leper messiah bass tab bridge 1

Verse. Here’s a tricky riff with grace notes ON beat (GuitarPro has the option, but every time I re-open a file it’s changed to pre-beat):

metallica leper messiah bass tab verse

Bridge. Drums go tremolo, guitars release chords. I feel like Cliff could play here by 2-finger tremolo, following Lars’s drums. At least in 1 of  2 repeats there’s tremolo for sure:

metallica leper messiah bass tab pre-chorus

Chorus. I like all the accretings, more and more open E:

metallica leper messiah bass tab chorus

Interlude. Here Cliff just followed guitar by galloping. Tricky tail.

metallica leper messiah bass tab interlude

And third guess-about piece of Burton’s bass line. I hear a harmony here in tune, so maybe bass caused this:

metallica leper messiah bass tab bridge 2

Final riff of fast section, accelerated pre-chorus riff:

metallica leper messiah bass tab final

For more ‘Leper Messiah’ details check out bass tab below.

Metallica ‘Leper Messiah’ bass tab free download (join AVanguard to get password):

PDF only GTP+PDF in rar-archive only

Here’s a page with all free Metallica bass tabs.

Mission complete 25 of 32. Next – ‘Ride the Lightning’. Thanks for support bros! R.I.P. Cliff Burton \m/


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