#23 Metallica – Hit the Lights (bass review with tab)

Hey friends! Today we learn a bass line from the very first Metallica song ‘Hit the Lights’. Bass tab’s in the end of article.

Songs begins with an intro, not so sophisticated one: E > F#. Cliff’s playing chord tremolo over that by finger strumming with a few random up-down slides:

metallica hit the lights bass tab intro

Main riff on bass sounds a bit differently than on guitar: gallop+8th instead straight tremolo (because of finger-style), variation of the bluesy lick:

metallica hit the lights bass tab main riff

Verse riff is quite understood, just go ahead:

metallica hit the lights bass tab verse

And what we see in chorus – 7/8, not so common time in heavy metal (we also see it in verse from ‘Master of Puppets’):

metallica hit the lights bass tab chorus

There’s a lot of solos in ‘Hit the Lights’. Back to then, Metallica should kick everybody’s ass, so they did by playing ripping and long guitar solos. Cliff was doubling guitar riff in the interlude-solo section:
metallica hit the lights bass tab solos

metallica hit the lights bass tab solos downSo we feel a distinct blues influence in ‘Hit the Lights’. It contains a few interesting pieces that could be written by mature musicians, not by young boys. The debut song of Metallica showed their balls and huge potential hidden. And Cliff Burton did a great work by playing this stuff by fingers.

Metallica ‘Hit the Lights’ bass tab free to download here, join AVanguard to get a password to unlock it (and all the bass tabs here):

gtp+pdf in rar-archive pdf only

Mission complete 23 of 32. Next – ‘Trapped Under Ice’ or ‘Leper Messiah’ (you choose). Thanks for support and being here with us. Subscribe to my channels – for covers and for bass tutorials. R.I.P. Cliff Burton \m/

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