Rob Chappers Rig Competition: Andriy Vasylenko riffs with tabs

Hey friend! For me the last few days were hot in two senses: 35 degrees Celsius outdoor plus my preparation for Rob Chappers Rig Competition. I’ve dug tons of my stuff looking for riffs that met the rules of contest. I hope, these 4 ones are worth to be there.

I had to borrow th Cort guitar to record all the stuff, because of my homemade Strat/Telecaster couldn’t record the sound and hold tune that well)) You know, I’ve been playing on electric guitar for about a month, and the most important reason of that is to be able to record my songs. I got stamina and finger strength from years of bass playing, but learning picking technique is something new for me. So that’s what I can now.

As I told in one of my videos, I do like to use 4th fret in riffs. That’s a big third, out of minor scale (G# in Em and F# in Dm). Few years ago I couldn’t imagine that it’s allowed to write riffs this way, and now I know – you can do EVERYTHING if it sounds cool. And then I heard the big third in Slayer’s stuff, ‘Raining Blood’ and ‘World Painted Blood’. Then I turned to my favorite bands: Metallica and Rammstein barely use that, Megadeth a bit more often. My musical mindset imploded.

All the riffs I set for the Rob Chappers Rig Competition were written a couple years ago. And I did that… on acoustic guitar! One friend of mine said: “If a riff sounds awesome on acoustic guitar, then it’s awesome with distortion for sure’. Passing ideas through unplugged instrument is one the best ways to separate real pearls from sh*t.

Here’s one of my formulas (all the riffs for contest were based on it): big third + chromatics + syncopes + varying rhythm patterns. Anyway all were done by feelings like ‘There’s something that hooks me. I’m digging it further!’.

All the riffs are in dropped D tuning. By the way, sometimes I didn’t play the riffs exactly like in tabs (it applies to different mutings, octaves, harmonics, pre-hits etc).

Entry #1. 0-1-2-3-4 – all the frets are involved here. It’s kind of composing exercise: to use every sequential fret in a riff. Tonality is Fm, but there’s D and E involved as passing notes.

rob chappers riff entry 1

The same thing happened for riff #3 and #4 – all the way from 0 to 4. Dm tonality. 4th fret ring some instability that solves immediately. That’s the beauty I told about.

rob chappers riff entry 3rob chappers riff entry 3 84bpm

rob chappers riff entry 3

Entry #2 probably is my favorite one. It reminds me a walking monster. Tonality it D#m. It’s not so easy to write a riff in not-open tonality that would be played only in the position (another songwriting exercise).

rob chappers riff entry 2

So I’m revealing one secret guys… One days I’ll give up playing someone’s music and get into doing my stuff only. I count myself rather as songwriter and artist then just bassist or player. Creating music is the only thing that can never let me down. I always do that with pleasure both in good and bad times. So I hope you like my first steps in this, and appreciate my tries and errors that you see

What do you think about all of that? Do you expect my new riffs? Your feedback is so needed!

And now let’s keep on working! Thanks for support friends. It means me a lot. See you next time! Be in metal \m/

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