#22 Metallica – Whiplash (bass review with tab)

Metallica - Whiplash bass cover + bass tab on AndriyVasylenko.com

Hey friend! Today we learn bass from Metallica ‘Whiplash’. Free bass tab in the end of article.

“It’s fucking whiplash! Doooh!” Jason Newsted

‘Whiplash’ is one of the fastest (especially live) Metallica songs. And one of the simplest at the same time. Even Cliff played quite straight bass line without a lot of variations. The straightness and thrashness determined ‘Whiplash’ as extremely cool gig song.

Intro – four short riffings, and after that the ‘crashing all around’ starts. It’s practicaly imposible to follow the guitar tremolo by fingers on this speed. So Cliff plays E octaves this way: middle finger hits high E, then it lands and hits open E, and index finger play it right next (all fast):

metallica whiplash bass tab intro free

Same thing’s applied on main and verse riffs:

metallica whiplash bass tab main riff verse free

Chorus riff is my favorite one from ‘Whiplash’, its main version here (3-finger gallop appears):

metallica whiplash bass tab chorus free

Interlude with solos – here bass feels more free, playing a number of alternate endings. Here’s a couple of them:

metallica whiplash bass tab bridge to solo free download

metallica whiplash bass tab solo section free

Then go another verse and chorus, leading to the end of song. Here’s a coda:

metallica whiplash bass tab coda free download

And that’s it. The simplest songs from ‘Kill ‘Em All’ album.

Metallica ‘Whiplash’ free bass tab is here (with all Total Cliff bass tabs), join AVanguard to get the password to unlock it.

Mission complete 22 of 32. Next – ‘Hit the Lights’. And here’s a video below about my Total Cliff plans for May-July. Thanks for support! R.I.P. Cliff Burton \m/

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  • River

    Great one, it is real simple you’re right! Still one of my favorite metallica songs though. Also good second video! It gave me a good idea of what to expect in the future. You’re the one playing so ultimately it’s up to you, but I’d really like to see some Megadeth after you finish with Cliff’s stuff! Great job and keep it up!

  • Daniel

    The tabs won’t load for me for some reason

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